Our Leadership Team

U.S. Security Associates’ leadership team has the stability, and depth of experience, to assure you that every possible safety or security requirement will be properly managed to your full satisfaction.
Blake Beach, Chief Commercial Officer

Blake Beach is Chief Commercial Officer. In this position, Blake oversees our Government Services, C&I and International business units, and is dedicated to the development of the National Accounts program, oversees acquisition of all new major accounts, and ultimately handles relationships with major account clients. He is also responsible for numerous functions including overseeing sales, marketing, operations, finance, talent acquisition and development, business development, client relations, proposals, special billing, contract development and negotiations, acquisitions, and managing, directing, coaching and supporting his sales and client engagement teams.

Blake joined USA after 22-year career in operations management and executive leadership. His customer-focused strategy and ability to develop critical partnerships with key account customers in diverse industries has driven the success of his previous business ventures. For example, during his role as COO of Cognisa Security, Inc., he reduced overhead staffing costs by 25% through automation of billing and payroll as well as focused client engagement, leading to focused customer cost and service efficiencies.

Blake excels in interpersonal and leadership skills. His collaborative management style lends itself well to the security industry, in which executives must take into account the needs of clients along with internal operations to deliver an efficient program solution that suits everyone. Blake has built successful start-ups, managed quick turn-around assignments, created effective teams, and directed the mergers, acquisitions, and integrations of several large projects.

Blake’s experience in expanding to new markets and organically expanding existing lines of service will serve USA’s vision to become to best security services provider. With a mind geared towards innovation to provide value for our clients, Blake exemplifies the USA way and the solutions we provide to our clients.

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