School security officers in a high school

It can be challenging to decide when to introduce armed security personnel to your school, especially if they haven’t been needed before. But with the rising number of school campus shootings across the country, armed personnel could be a life-saving investment.

Research has shown there is a school campus shooting almost weekly in the U.S. In fact, since 2013, the nation has seen more than 300 school campus shootings.*

While most school districts already have a security plan in place, these plans may not be adequate to mitigate the threats schools face today. For the 2015-2016 school year, the median total school district expenditure for safety and security was only $88 per 1,000 students. That’s significantly less than what the average school system spent on custodial services ($259 per each student) and many other budget items.**

With the rising threat of school campus shootings, U.S. Security Associates (USA) recommends that every school at least considers investing in armed officers. However, that doesn’t simply mean distributing guns to previously unarmed personnel. Schools need to hire Officers with specific training, experience and background who know how to engage a potentially deadly situation.

That’s why USA offers best-in-class vetting and industry-leading training to ensure we hire the best Security Officers and keep them in the know on the latest threat engagement methods. Additionally, our full-time, in-house training leaders provide our Officers with updated learning modules and ensure high standards across the company via the SecuritySTARS® program.

USA also provides a four-pronged Risk and Threat Assessment to determine the security needs of an individual school. This allows us to provide tailored solutions to protect your students, faculty and staff—including armed or unarmed Security Officers, in addition to other preventative measures. Oftentimes, such preemptive measures are recommended whether or not a school elects to hire dedicated on-campus security personnel. It is often difficult to respond precisely in time when a threat breaks out, which is why USA works with all of our clients to create methods of prevention and mitigation.

Read a case study here about how USA is providing customized security services to a school district in South Carolina.

Before you hire private security, make sure you’re getting the most trusted name in safety solutions, with programs proven in school districts across the country. Contact USA and get started today.

**Source: Council of the Great City Schools, Managing for Results in America’s Great City Schools 2017

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