ATLANTA, Georgia – March 2017:

Sharp Robotics Business Development (SRBD), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC), announced the appointment of U.S. Security Associates (USA) as an authorized guard services reseller of the Sharp INTELLOS™ Automated Unmanned Ground Vehicle (A-UGV).  Introduced to consumers of security technologies and human guard services by Sharp at the ASIS International September 2016 security exhibition in Orlando, Florida, the Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV is a cost-effective, multi-terrain, mobile sensor platform that can capture video, audio and environmental data, while providing a visible deterrent. The data collected by the Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV can enhance outdoor surveillance, security, safety and maintenance inspections, helping organizations meet the challenges of an ever-changing security landscape by augmenting a skilled guard force.

Cliff Quiroga, Vice President of SRBD, lauded the relationship with USA.  “Robots in security will help protect people, infrastructure and assets.  To Sharp, protecting people means caring first for those who care for the rest of us – – – our frontline security officers.  The human workforce can be availed of tedious, repetitive and often dangerous tasks.  Instead, their attention can be focused on more intelligent-based work.”

Richard L. Wyckoff, President and CEO of U.S. Security Associates, stated “Our agreement with Sharp ensures USA’s clients will continue to have the most innovative capabilities and additional layers of protection to enhance daily security measures.  Importantly, the Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV can also provide a first response protection capacity in an emergency or crisis situation.”

“As part of our industry exclusive P3SM Technology Platform, we now offer the market leading capabilities to mitigate risk, eliminate incidents and create the best outcomes for our clients,” stated Wyckoff.



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