Atlanta, June 21, 2018—U.S. Security Associates (USA) announced today the next-generation release of their proprietary P3 Technology PlatformSM. Designed to improve safety and reduce risk by enhancing onsite guarding services, P3SM uses an advanced knowledge base, a robust artificial intelligence (AI) engine, and an industry leading workflow capability to provide insight into the drivers of risk, make recommendations that reduce incidents for businesses, institutions and agencies, and ensure that those recommendations are carried out.

Developed with active engagement from our clients, P3SM incorporates advances in location-based technology and user experience designed to improve how the system captures, tracks and visualizes incidents and site information, including new automated real-time officer position tracking. Featured improvements of P3SM include smart sensors and zone models to automate Officer positioning, robust support for configurable worfklows that ensure post orders are actioned timely, and sophisticated dashboards to better visualize security operations in both real-time and historical contexts.

Designed with prevention in mind, P3 TechnologySM augments the skills and training of USA Security Officers. With real-time access to vital site information and communication, Officers can focus on activities that help reduce incidents, respond faster to emergencies and provide visibility and accountability that help deliver better outcomes for our clients. Richard Wyckoff, President and CEO for USA said,

Data visualization drives insights that allows better decision-making. The next-generation enhancements of P3SM allow our clients to prepare for events while reducing liability and compliance costs, and deliver measurably better outcomes.

P3SM’s AI engine generates recommendations using Officer tour data, incident records and other Officer reports, historical and industry context and other external information sources. Mark Mullison, Chief Information Officer for USA said,

P3SM is a true force multiplier, making recommendations that put the right Officer in the right place at the right time. Through thoughtful User Experience design, P3SM facilitates easy and accurate data capture by our Officers. The platform’s artificial intelligence engine brings information full circle by identifying what’s likely to happen and generating recommendations to redirect an Officer to an identified area of risk to prevent incidents. Months of testing at clients’ sites yielded demonstrated ROI by reducing cost from liability and improving day to day operations.

U.S. Security Associates (USA) is the market-leading, wholly-owned American, full-service safety and security solutions provider. With over 160 locally-responsive offices, international locations and over 50,000 dedicated professionals, they offer the most complete array of physical security, remote surveillance, and global consulting and investigations to ensure better outcomes for thousands of clients and a range of industries. Innovative applications of leading-edge, proprietary technology enable USA to rank annually among the world’s best training companies, sustain the highest standards of quality, and underscore world-class customer service with unparalleled accountability. USA’s rise as one of the largest innovative security solutions leaders is a natural byproduct of these differentiators and enable the company to provide the most Safe. Secure. Friendly.® environments for people, assets, and brands.

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