Better Outcomes Case Study
Remote surveillance at limited-activity facilities
Slash security outlay by 20%+


Transportation Firm Asks the Security Question,
Finds Its Answer in a Remote Surveillance Solution

One of the world’s ten largest providers of transportation and
logistics services had a security question. Rather, they had
the security question. The one likely asked by more
companies, more often, than any other. Is it possible for us to
enhance site security without increasing costs? The answer?

U.S. Security Associates’ (USA) team of security assessment
professionals reviewed its operations and existing security
coverage, then took stock of the client’s needs — including
specific risks, threats, and vulnerabilities of its facilities.
Armed with that information USA’s experts came back with an
ingenious proposal for how to improve security while, in fact,
spending less.

USA security experts identified an opportunity for the client to
combine its security officer force with USA’s P3 Remote℠
surveillance solution featuring the latest camera technology,
video analytics, and remote monitoring. At select sites, USA’s
assessment revealed that the company could enhance its
weekend and overnight security with remote surveillance,
reduce the cost of using officers to actively monitor light-
activity facilities, and thereby shift security officers’ value
away from simple deterrence toward proactively managing

It seemed ideal on paper, so the company eagerly put P3
Remote to the test at two Texas truck yards. With roll-out now
complete, the results are in: The company is slashing their
annual security outlay at the two sites by over a whopping 20

Moreover, as the company extends P3 Remote to strategic
sites in areas where labor costs are even higher for hard-to-
staff locations, the company’s savings will grow—and system
pay back will be even faster.

Security is serious business. Yet, the company’s senior
manager of security can’t help but describe its experience
with P3 Remote buoyantly. “I’m happy. The systems installed
in Austin and Waco are working really well. We’re excited,” he

And—armed with proof that USA could deliver a perfect blend of specialized services, technology, and the human ingredient—the
company, which had been contracting with USA for half of its locations in the country, enlisted USA to take over 100 percent of its
site security contracts nationwide.

Common Problem, Unique Solution

The primary challenge at the company’s Waco and Austin locations will probably sound familiar. It was imperative for the fenced
locations to maintain a strong posture, including an ability to respond immediately to a security breach at the perimeter, but it often
seemed excessive to pay for weekend and overnight security officers to observe, typically, very little activity.

The sites were tailor made for P3 Remote, and USA crafted a technology blueprint to perfectly fit the locations. “We did the complete
design, that’s what we do. So basically, you’re getting free consulting expertise to make sure that you get the right system,”
explained a senior technology leader at USA. “We ensure that the cameras and all the technology we specify is appropriately
reflective of the site conditions and the environment in which they’re placed.”

At the two Texas facilities, a combination of 2 and 5-megapixel cameras, including several 360° cameras, offer high-level deterrence
and provide remote USA operators with complete situational awareness in the event camera analytics detect an event. If necessary,
remote loudspeakers enable operators to directly speak to intruders (or after-hours visitors). Although unnecessary at these sites,
the solution can include thermal cameras for low light conditions, perform functions such as remote gate operation, and address
other site-specific requirements.

P3 Remote is giving the logistics firm the best of both worlds. It can launch an app to observe camera feeds from anywhere to
review and enhance operations, but it’s USA that specifies and maintains the system to ensure its operation is flawless.

USA personnel work in close concert with clients to develop the standard operating, escalation, and reporting procedures that will be
used to manage a complete range of possible events. Remote operators working in USA’s Remote Command Center also go
through an extensive site-specific training, in addition to their best-in- class basic training program, so that they can quickly and
seamlessly respond to events in the precise manner that each client requires.

Remote surveillance is not always the right fit in every case, but enhancements in networking, video compression, analytics, cloud
technologies, and broadband speeds are making it viable in an increasing number of situations. With the prospect of doing-more-
with-less, and being able to deploy your officer force in other more productive initiatives, it’s a necessary option to consider.


High-level situational awareness of security events during overnight hours and on weekends


Better utilization of security personnel complemented by technology at a lower cost


Remote surveillance solution offering robust security at 20%+ cost-reduction without compromising protection

U.S. Security Associates® (USA) is the market-leading, wholly-owned American, full-service safety and security
solutions provider. With over 160 locally-responsive offices, international locations and over 50,000 dedicated
professionals, they offer the most complete array of physical security, remote surveillance, and global consulting
and investigations to ensure better outcomes for thousands of clients and a range of industries. Innovative
applications of leading-edge, proprietary technology enable USA to rank annually among the world’s best training
companies, sustain the highest standards of quality, and underscore world-class customer service with
unparalleled accountability. USA’s rise as one of the largest innovative security solutions leaders is a natural
byproduct of these differentiators and enable the company to provide the most Safe. Secure.
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