Spring 2018

Table of Contents:
Letter from Our CEO – P.3
One Company, One Bright Path Forward – P.4
Our Heroes – P.8-1O
OfficerFORCE – Better Outcomes – P.11
Data FORCE – Better Outcomes – P.12
Spotlight on our Associates – P.13-14


Through Action and Example

Encouraging a high level of engagement across our organization; the office of our CEO, Richard L. Wyckoff, often sits empty. With his boots on the ground, sleeves rolled up, Richard is out in the field with the operation teams, shaking the hands of our amazing Security Officers.

Building on the successes of 2017, the momentum of 2018 heralds a bright future for our company with a path Laid clear by The Big 5SM and The USA WAYSM .


The need for our service is more evident than ever before. The violence and turbulence that continues to evolve, putting safe places in peril, is at a record high. From school campuses to houses of worship to private residences in high rise condominiums to public spaces, private entities and government facilities–our security solutions are needed now more than ever across all facets of our daily life. We are well-positioned to meet this unprecedented demand and professionally deliver on our commitment to provide the most safe, secure and friendly environments to protect people, assets and brands.

We know our reputation is our currency, which is why we have taken additional, preemptive measures to provide a higher level of assurance to meet the elevated threats. To mitigate risks and reduce vulnerability, we have expanded and enhanced our capabilities by implementing new training modules, furthering the prowess of our P3 technology to reduce liability, and enacting annual mandatory background rescreening of our entire field-based Associates. These increased anticipatory measures further demonstrate our ongoing commitment to providing a higher level of quality compliance and continuous improvements in addition to our already industry leading operating procedures which have awarded us the ATD Best award for training and development an unprecedented four times.

Our Team’s engagement and understanding of the opportunity we have in front of us is amazing. We are aligned in our mission and together the market is ours for the taking.
This is our time, our legacy!

Richard L. Wyckoff

Big 5

We are focused on 100% retention of our valued clients and our Associates. By providing a consistent higher standard of service to clients and offering enriching professional opportunities to our Associates, we lead as the service provider and employer of choice.

We honor our commitment to our clients by identifying the most qualified, knowledgeable and professional candidates to join our team.

Service Value
The industry exclusive combination of our Security Officers’ skills and training and the data-driven technology solutions of P3 creates better outcomes for our clients.

Our exclusive and strategic training, development and recognition platform that provides assurance our Associates are the most knowledgeable, fully prepared and best performing.

P3 Technology Platform℠
We continue to build on the value of our P3 technology. P3’s network of connected officers and security professionals enables the best data capture and analysis solution to identify the underlying causes of risk and provides insight to make the most informed and timely decisions.


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