When cutting-edge innovation is your product, maintaining strict access control to safeguard your ingenuity is vital for business continuity.

Comprehensive access control is the top security priority for our multinational tech conglomerate client. Implementing The P3 Technology PlatformSM at their research and development center in Silicon Valley, enhanced security operations and uncovered thousands in saving by predicting systems failures before they occurred.

“This is our company’s research and development division so the theft of intellectual, proprietary, or prototypes is a tremendous concern,” explains Andrew Basurto, the center’s physical security coordinator. “The theft of one prototype could be the cause of a large-scale loss in future revenue for the company, not to mention the ramifications to their reputation.”

Accurate and timely reporting of access breaches are of significant priority, especially to the client’s electrical and server rooms. These areas house intellectual and propriety information and are the lifeblood of the innovation center’s R&D capabilities. Only one breach or malfunction could potentially cost the company $10,000 by compromising proprietary technology.

Prior systems used to secure the campus’s two six-story buildings, two multilevel parking structures, outdoor spaces, and the loading docks, depended on antiquated badge reading technology and spreadsheets to track access exception, identify malfunctioning doors, and report facility damage. Manually inputting and tracking was time consuming and comprised the integrity of the center.

The “give and get” capabilities of P3SM creates an invisible security network. Officers, equipped with P3 MobileSM smart phones, are connected to the center’s 142 zones. These zones are aligned to specifically relevant security actions. Dynamic tours automate workflows through prompts from smart sensors placed throughout the site that are triggered when an officer enters a specific zone.

Every day, over 200 workflows are initiated– instructing proper action, tracking activity, and capturing vital site data that is automatically recorded in the P3 PortalSM. The platform’s robust AI engine examines Officers’ captured data and compares it against historic information and other data sources to identify patterns and risks. Oversights and communications are enhanced by the P3 PortalSM dashboards which provides a bird’s-eye view of all security operations.

The value of this transparency is discovered in the rapid resolution of incidents. Basurto explained, “Reporting P3SM events ensures that safety and security violations are reported sooner rather than later. The ability to attach a photo creates a clearer picture for those who are responsible for rectifying the problem.” Over a recent 9-month period, workflows triggered by the system identified the repair of 77 doors securing the company’s electrical and server rooms, equating to an estimated $75,000 in cost avoidance.

With the technology of P3SM integrated and placed directly in the hands of Security Officers, our client’s assets are secure and the bright minds, unfettered by security concerns, are focused on the continued advancement of pioneering tech solutions.

Better Outcomes

  • In the first nine months, dynamic tours identified 77 damaged doors securing the company’s electrical and server rooms and prevented an estimated $75,000 in losses.
  • Insight to where Officers are spending time to identify inadequate coverage and proactively adjust to prevent incidents.
  • Expedited incident management and response.
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