Preventing Tragedy on Our Campuses

Researchers estimate there is a school campus shooting nearly every week of the academic year somewhere in the nation. This provides for a very sobering reality of the imperative need to take measures to protect our children.

After every incident the question of “what can be done?” is a refrain heard and argued by political leaders, across social media channels, and lingers in the shattered communities working to find the right solution to prevent it from happening again.

There have been over 220 shootings on school campuses across the United States since the Sandy Hook tragedy on Dec 14, 2012. In January 2018, there were 11 school campus shootings.


U.S. Security Associates (USA) can help you find the right solutions for your campus. We developed the following guidelines, founded in the Department of Homeland Security’s active shooter response recommendations and culled from our collective expertise in responding to similar situations.


The first step for any education institution is to conduct a professional Risk and Threat Assessment of their campus and should include investigation into their community’s risks.

USA uses a proprietary 4-pronged assessment approach to score each campus and surrounding community for their threat level and provides you the following insights to prepare appropriately for your unique risks:

  • Understanding of family, school, and social dynamics
  • Insight into high risk profile types, including personality traits and behavior
  • Awareness of the different levels and types of threats for which your campus may be at risk
  • Communication guidelines, contingency planning and response tactics


There are multiple avenues and deterrence tactics a school can implement that can serve to reduce their risk. Every campus is unique and the type of deterrence measure implemented is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each school should consider what is the best fit for them and their risk level, including options like:

  • Metal detectors
  • Access and egress control
  • Cameras and remote monitoring
  • Onsite emergency response system
  • Armed and/or Unarmed Professional Security Officers visible through the day



It is vital campuses provide cohesive response training for their staff and students. USA creates customized active shooter response workshops for schools with special consideration and sensitivity for the K-12 audience, including:

  • Guidance for recognizing and preventing a threat to your campus
  • Response and recovery education
  • Communication guidelines
  • Explanation of the behaviors and characteristics of an active shooter
  • Simulation exercises


As a full-service security solutions provider, USA has the experience, capabilities and expertise to create customized initiatives to reduce your campus’s risk.

  • Risk and Threat Assessment
  • Required Active Shooter Response Training completed within 90 days of a Security Officer’s hire
  • Additional hours of campus-specialized training for Security Officers Security
  • Officers are trained in emergency first response and prepared to collaborate with law enforcement
  • Technology solutions that are a force multiplier designed to capture site data
  • Provides an immediate response communication and tracking
  • Remote monitoring
  • Robotic solutions for visible and undercover security presence
  • Response and preparation workshops


Preparation for the unthinkable will greatly reduce the risk of it happening at your school. By implementing inspection, deterrence, and response initiatives you take the necessary preemptive measures to protect your students and staff.


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