Quick Thinking Saves Traveler’s Life

Branch 281, Salem, NH

A USA Security Officer’s confident reaction in a medical emergency helped to turn what could have been a possible tragedy into a better outcome. On August 25, a passenger emerged from the men’s room at the Portland (Maine) International Jetport, only to collapse just outside the portal area.

USA Security Officer Dylan York saw the incident and responded immediately, giving the man CPR. York directed a doctor who was among the onlookers to grab a defibrillator (AED) from the nearby Ops Center.

“We’re so grateful that he was there when this man collapsed.”

As York continued to administer CPR, the doctor used the AED, and the man was quickly revived. Emergency medical responders transported the man to the emergency room for care.

USA is always seeking the most qualified candidates for their team. Officer York, in his second year with USA, learned emergency lifesaving response as an Emergency Medical Tech and is a shining example of the caliber of personnel USA actively recruits.

Airport Deputy Director Zach Sundquist said York’s quick reaction made the difference between life and death for the passenger.

“We’re so grateful that he was there when this man collapsed,” Sundquist said. “He didn’t hesitate and knew exactly what to do to save the man’s life.”

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