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A safe property is critical to tenant satisfaction and productivity. From protection from active shooter threats and property damage to ensuring guests can conveniently and safely access their spaces, each tenant has specific needs that are important to them. At U.S. Security Associates, we have developed a holistic approach to building and property security that blends highly-trained Security Officers with industry-leading technology.

Profitability Through Security

We create safe, secure, and accessible environments that attract and retain tenants.


Our Security Officers are not guards. They’re highly trained Security Professionals who are ready-to-serve and prepared to respond.

P3 Technology℠

Enabling a Connected OfficerFORCE℠ that provides real-time intelligent insight for rapid response to improve safety and reduce incidents.

Customized Security Plans

Our security strategists work to develop right-fit security plans to meet the specific needs of your tenants.

Convenient, Secured Access

Secured access that protects without inconveniencing your tenants and their guests.

Always Friendly, Always Professional

USA Security Officers are renowned for providing world-class security services, with a smile.

Prepare. Predict. Prevent.® with P3 Technology℠

Experience an integrated approach to grounds security with USA’s connected Officers. Using our exclusive P3 Technology Platform℠, Security Officers are able to track and report incidents and observations during patrols, enabling rapid response and the collection of trend data for predictive analysis.

  • P3 Mobile℠

The best data capture tool available, P3 Mobile℠ enables Officers to send and receive critical information regarding incidents, activity, and action while on post and during tours.

  • P3 Remote℠

Amplify on-site security with surveillance enhancements strategically placed across campus.

  • Easy AI Workflows

Reports are combined with trend data to produce dynamic tour routes that put the right Officer, in the right place, at the right time, with the right action.

Best Trained, Friendliest, and Most Professional.

USA is committed to creating environments that are Safe. Secure. Friendly®. We believe in a service-focused approach to protecting our campuses so that your tenants receive not only the security, but the care they deserve. Prepared to respond, our award-winning training programs enable our Security Officers to not only react to security events, but proactively find, and address potential threats around your property. In addition to Security Officer Basic Training, our property management Security Officers are equipped with:

  • Campus-specific Training

The property’s policies, procedures, and historical and potential threats are incorporated into each Officer’s training.

  • Active Shooter Response

When tragedy strikes, USA Security Officers are prepared to mitigate dangerous events and produce the best possible outcome.

  • Proactive Surveillance

USA Security Officers don’t just make rounds. They are situationally aware and when armed with P3℠, are able to rapidly report exceptions to prevent future safety incidents.




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