Officer Stops Trespassers

Branch 477, Burbank, CA

A primary responsibility of Security Officers is to ensure the sanctity of our clients’ premises while providing the most Safe. Secure. Friendly.® environments to protect their people, assets and brands. Often times, our Officers are placed in situations where confrontation is unavoidable to prevent intrusion or damage to properties which they’re assigned to protect.

In June, Security Officer Christopher Mitchell was assigned to night watch at a natural gas facility in southern California when he was informed that two people climbed a perimeter fence. Mitchell located the two young adults and temporarily detained them.

While he had the two individuals in his custody, Mitchell was able to get identifying information, locate their car and direct them to delete a video they had recorded of the property. He then released the two, warning them that if they returned to the facility that they would be arrested.

Mitchell was alert, stern, and professional in his dealing with the pair of intruders.

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