Table of Contents:
P.2 – Letter from our CEO
P.3 – P3℠ Roadshow
P.4-5 – The Buddy Project
P.6 – Better Outcomes
P.7 – ATD Best Award
P.8 – Social Media Updates
P.8-9 – Our Heroes
P.10 – Spotlight on Associates
P.11 – Crossword Puzzle

Letter from our CEO

Our innovative technology and award-winning training initiatives, along with the best practices and knowledge we have gained, will enable us to navigate new market opportunities expertly and with confidence.

– Richard Wyckoff, President and CEO


P3℠ Roadshow

Paving the way for Better Outcomes

USA’s proprietary P3 Technology Platform℠ has demonstrated a significant return on investment for our clients since it was first introduced in 2016. An industry differentiator designed to reduce incidents, P3℠ technology has generated cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved safety and security across all industries.

To ensure the technology of P3℠ consistently outpaces evolving risks, our team of internal innovators works in tandem with our client success specialists, appropriately called, “P3℠ Ninjas.” Through active engagement with our clients, the P3℠ Ninjas identify client specific inefficiencies and discover how the technology can be leveraged to improve safety and reduce risk….









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