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Uniformed Security Service

Unarmed Security Service

Unarmed Security Service

Uniformed Security Service is the largest service sector of the company, employing over 50,000 Uniformed Security Service professionals throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. As the first line of defense for our customers and the representation of our company on the ground, our uniformed employees are our most valuable asset. Personnel are carefully selected, vetted, and thoroughly trained to meet the unique needs of each client. We specifically recruit and hire officers local to each customer account, based on the security requirements at each site. Our evaluation and training of potential officers goes beyond background checks and verification of technical proficiencies; selected candidates' personal traits and values mesh with the philosophies and expectations of the company and the client to which they are assigned.  Ongoing management oversight, continuing education and routine performance evaluations based on agreed-upon key performance indicators further ensure successful Uniformed Security Service and programs.

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