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Transition Program

How We Integrate Our Security Program


Security Services Transition

Companies are sometimes reluctant to switch long-time security contractors because they anticipate the transition will be difficult. Our security service transition procedures are the product of decades of experience and thousands of site start-ups. We know how to achieve a seamless transfer of operations, retain qualified talent, and form the basis for a close, working relationship between our account team and client representatives.


We form a transition team for each site that includes key account managers, local office staff and corporate support. Every transition team includes expertise in operations, human resources, training, payroll, benefits and procurement. Our transition team works with each client to create a site-specific transition plan with a timeline for key tasks, milestones and regularly scheduled progress review meetings.

Documentation and Verification

In preparation to transition service, our transition team documents and confirms the security service requirements that collectively provide our roadmap. We keep the lines of communication open with the client, encouraging dialogue spanning the full scope of security operations, as we submit procedural document revisions for approval, review personnel and training specifications, identify uniform and equipment needs, set up billing and payroll, and explore technology options.

Process Initiation

Next, we begin security officer selection. We recruit applicants, conduct interviews, background screening and drug tests, and select the most promising security officer candidates. Candidates start security services training, either through our basic security officer training program, or through state-approved programs where applicable. Our system ensures 100% of employee selection and security officer training requirements are satisfied before any security officer is assigned to a site. Once candidates successfully pass the basic security officer training exams, they move on to site-specific training covering post orders, client policies, and safety and emergency procedures.

Meanwhile, the administrative staff is working behind the scenes to ensure that billing and payroll processes are in place, uniforms and equipment are ready for start-up, and selected technology is integrated (e.g. Tour-Positive®, IMS Incident Management System). We keep all stakeholders informed of the status of each deliverable through weekly progress report meetings.


On day one of the contract period, clients can look forward to the seamless start-up of security services. We maintain a strong management presence on site during the initial days of service to provide additional support for security officers and clients, to confirm the effectiveness of site-specific security officer training, and to establish world class customer service standards from day one.

In the early weeks of service, we continue to meet weekly with the client to learn from their feedback and insights and to determine the metrics we will focus on in monthly and quarterly reporting for performance evaluation and management. We customize our Security Information System® for each client to reflect real-time status and compliance information for every agreed-upon performance metric.

Contract Performance Management

Moving forward, we continue to monitor performance closely through continuous operations oversight, frequent inspections, and regularly scheduled client communications.

Our proprietary Responsive Management system compels our managers to communicate according to the agreed-upon communication plan for sustaining steady contacts and dialogue throughout the contract period.

Site supervisors or site managers run day-to-day operations. We empower our site leaders as much as possible, to support immediate action and resolution and to promote the site team’s ownership of the operation. The site leader has direct access to support at the branch and/or regional level. The site leader reports to a branch manager, who operates and manages all client sites within his or her respective territory. In some areas, we have field supervisors and operations managers who provide additional support and oversight. Our de-centralized organizational structure provides unimpeded access to account management, so client issues and problems are resolved quickly and decisively.

Our Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're not satisfied that our security service is superior to your previous provider and wish to terminate our services within 60 days of service commencement, we will return your money less the amount we paid to the officers.

"Making the change to your company was one of the best moves for our company. Thanks for making me look good."

— Stephen Danford 
Arvin Meritor

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