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Substance Abuse Testing

Substance Abuse Testing

At U.S. Security Associates, our drug-free workplace services provide you with cost-effective, legally defensible drug and alcohol testing programs. As  a provider of third party administration services, we are able to decrease your overall cost and administrative burden. Reduce your hiring risk with our drug and alcohol testing solution that’s fully integrated with our background screening services. Drug and alcohol abuse adversely affects companies through lost productivity, absenteeism, accidents, employee turnover, and increased propensity for workplace violence. To reduce the risk of these challenges, U.S. Security Associates' drug-free workplace programs offer the following solutions:

  • Policy Development and Review
  • Diverse Flexible Testing Methods/Lab Selection Services
  • Collection Site Management
  • MRO Services
  • Integrated Drug and Employment Screening

Policy Development and Review

Our team of experts can assist you in developing a comprehensive policy document or provide a review of your existing documents. U.S. Security Associates' drug-free workplace programs are run in accordance with the guidelines established by federal, state, and local government.

Flexible Testing Methodologies

U.S. Security Associates offers a variety of testing methodologies to meet your program’s policy needs and objectives. We offer testing solutions including traditional urinalysis, hair testing, oral fluid point-of-collection testing, breath alcohol, on-site testing, and rapid-response tests. U.S. Security Associates also consults regulated and non-regulated programs, selecting the testing mediums that give you the fast, effective results your program demands. You receive all of this, while fully complying with the law and your company’s drug free workplace policy.

Laboratory Selection Assistance and Monitoring

Our laboratory partners have been certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to meet governmental requirements and U.S. Security Associates' standards. We manage the entire process, including laboratory selection, forms distribution and tracking, laboratory monitoring, and problem resolution.

Collection Site Management

U.S. Security Associates provides access to more than 10,000 collection sites throughout North America. Convenient, cost-effective collections sites are matched by ZIP codes for all of your locations and testing needs.

Expert MRO Services

All test results are reviewed by fully accredited MROs (Medical Review Officers), certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers and/or the Medical Review Officer Certification Council. Our team of highly qualified professionals reviews chain of custody and test results and conduct the donor interview process as prescribed by federal regulations and industry practices.

Integrated Screening Reporting Tools: Fast Results

U.S. Security Associates has invested in leading-edge technology to deliver your reports quickly and securely. Negative results are typically available within 24 to 48 hours from the laboratory’s receipt of a specimen. Non-negative results require additional time for MRO processing. Reporting is available to you on the Candidate Management Dashboard via the Web, as well as through other secure methods designed to meet your communications needs.

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