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Riot and Protest Security

Riot and Protest Security

Amidst growing unrest sparked by recent events in Ferguson, Cleveland, and New York, some protests and demonstrations have deteriorated into incidents of violence, vandalism, and looting. U.S. Security Associates (USA) is directing its resources toward sustained client safety through advance planning and strategies to provide rapid response.

Effective contingency planning can protect company personnel and assets and provide stability when protests and demonstrations spiral out of control.
In our branch offices throughout the country, USA is bolstering its staff with an increased security officer contingency force ready for immediate deployment. These security officers are prepared to establish a protective barrier and defuse tension when additional security presence is needed at your sites. Through USA Security Academy, they have in-depth training covering responsible use of force, crowd control, and conflict management. Our intelligence analysts are monitoring regional events and keeping branch personnel informed of ongoing developments, so local teams are poised to mobilize swiftly if necessary.

For clients requiring a concentrated response to ongoing public demonstrations, we provide services that minimize risk and disruption to your operations through Consulting and Investigation division's Special Project Group. Our Special Projects Group can provide expert security consultation and planning, establish crime deterrents through purposeful security coverage, and document or capture evidence of lawlessness or misconduct to facilitate injunctive relief.

We work closely with clients to create customized programs featuring a variety of elements:

  • Business continuity planning
  • Security staffing assessment
  • Protest preparation guidelines
  • Property condition documentation
  • Evidence gathering and testimony
  • Rapid response

Whether detailed demonstration planning is in place or there is unexpected protest, our Special Projects Group is prepared to deploy an Asset Protection Team of well-trained, accountable personnel to support safety and order throughout the event.

Our Asset Protection Team officers have the training, experience, and discipline to stabilize emotionally charged, volatile conditions with sensitivity and focus. Extensive training is combined with supervision by a staff of more than 30 supervisors with 10–20 years of experience with community unrest. If you are faced with the unpredictable, we are ready to respond with urgency, responsibility, and command.

Contact your USA account representative or call our information service at 800-730-9599 to begin building a protest security response for your sites.

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