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Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Loss Prevention

The Retail Industry is made up of many business functions to include Store Operations, Warehousing & Distribution, Logistics, and Administration. We address the needs of our retail clients through our Retail Loss Prevention Services Division focusing on three high-level objectives: Personnel Safety, Business Continuity and Asset Protection, which includes the following services: 

  • Experienced Loss Prevention Associates to Apprehend Shoplifters
  • COMPASS Store-Greeter Service
  • Retail Uniform Security Officers

Shoplifting Prevention and Apprehension

Shoplifting Prevention and Apprehension involves many activities, functions and programs designed to reduce a retailer's loss due to theft, control deficiencies and operating inefficiencies. The U.S. Security Associates Shoplifting Prevention and Apprehension program serves forward-thinking retail clients in the control of losses and business risks associated with external shrink. 

Shoplifting is a major contributor to shrink and successful retailers must take reasonable steps to protect merchandise from theft via shoplifting to remain successful. The more effective these measures are, the more likely the retailer will be able to deliver product to their customers at the lowest possible price and improve their profitability and competitiveness in the market place. 

The current focus of this program is to effectively, and more efficiently, reduce the occurrence of shoplifting, without creating unnecessary liability or disruption to the business of our clients. Our clients tell us that one of the primary reasons they outsource their store-level loss prevention program is that the time they used to spend recruiting, training and supervising can now be used for more critical loss prevention functions and business initiatives. They also benefit from having a recognized industry leader deliver a level of unsurpassed service and competence in this specialized field — often at a financial savings. 

Our alliance with one of the nation's leading civil recovery law firms may provide additional assistance to your program by allowing a systematic address to these tort claims.

Outsourcing loss prevention to U.S. Security Associates is just good business. Doing so assigns management of this important function to true loss prevention professionals while reducing your cost, cutting external shrink, accelerating the ROI, reduces worker's compensation claims, reduces general liability claims and allows you to focus on the strategies most beneficial to your organization. For more information contact Terry Faircloth at 1-866-989-4644 or tfaircloth@ussecurityassociates.com 

We provide all of the security solutions and more, including:

  • Retail Loss Prevention Programs
  • Inventory Management

COMPASS Store-Greeter Service

Our COMPASS Store-Greeter Service is both a loss prevention and customer service program. It provides another valuable component to deterring shoplifting through our physical presence as store greeters. In this capacity, our employees interact with customers, vendors, and employees as they enter and exit a store, deter theft and vandalism, and identify and report policy violations. They receive additional training on store-specific shrink issues so they are more aware of their surrounding environment. 

 A New Direction in Store Greeter Service . . .

COMPASS is completely customizable to the individual preferences and objectives of our clients. Training modules provide the officer with the primary responsibilities of the store-greeter position, including: 

  • Maintaining a constant presence at the entrance
  • Officer appearance
  • Professional conduct
  • Deterring crime
  • Greeting patrons
  • Preparing incident reports
  • Responding properly to EAS alarms
  • Validating receipts
  • Performing store tours
  • Observing shoplifters

Retail Uniform Security Officers

Our Mission

  • Assist our clients in providing a more inviting environment for their employees, customers, and vendors by reducing the occurrence of theft.
  • Assist our clients in identifying instances of shoplifting and providing an appropriate response by safely apprehending offenders with minimal disruption to the store.
  • Assist our clients in discovering other hazards and business risks.
  • Assist our clients in the administration of a Civil Recovery Program.

Our services include:

  • Retail Loss Prevention Programs

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"U.S. Security provides our Retail Loss Prevention services, with experienced personnel, solid field supervision and results. We recommend their Retail Loss Prevention Service."

— A Fortune 100 Company.

"We use U.S. Security Associates, COMPASS Program for our store greeters and to provide emergency guard service. They continue to provide excellent service and always come thru when we need guards at the last minute." 

— Curtis Stoves, CFI 
Books-A-Million, Inc. 
Senior Regional Loss Prevention Investigator

"These guys are doing a great job. They are extremely courteous and their job performance is very good." 

— Nancy A Kennedy 
Tarpon Springs, Florida


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