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Specialized Services

Executive Protection
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Specialized Services

Executive Protection and Security Driving

Executive protection and security driving resources are essential to the mitigation of risks besetting celebrities and high-profile individuals in the media and entertainment industry today. Executive protection and security driving resources are essential to the mitigation of risks besetting celebrities and high-profile individuals in the media and entertainment industry today.

U.S. Security Associates (USA) provides executive protection and security driving services for celebrities and entertainment industry clients in Hollywood and around the world. Our Specialized Services team handpicks each protection professional to ensure the best cultural fit for the client’s unique risk profile and personal circumstances.

Our protection professionals are experts in advance and logistics planning, threat assessment, crisis management, and emergency response. Equally important, they are specialists in security driving and secure transportation.

Statistics show that the vast majority of security incidents involving high-profile individuals occur while targeted individuals are in or around their vehicles. To prevent transportation from being a weak link in our personal security chain, we approach security driving and secure transportation as core to the discipline of executive protection. A primary component of training is instilling the reactive and proactive knowledge and skills that protection professionals need to ensure the safety and security of vehicle occupants.

For protection professionals with essential tactical training and skills, sensitivity, and discretion, you can trust U.S. Security Associates.

  • Key employee personal protection program risk/needs assessment/design
  • Training and certification of protection personnel, including advanced skills like close protection techniques, attack recognition and avoidance, and managing threats of violence, as well as armed assignment training covering firearms skills, concealed weapons skills and deployment, light combat skills, and skills for confronting edged weapons or multiple aggressors
  • Personal protection project design and management
  • Crisis planning for kidnap, extortion, and missing person
  • Rapid response for special events, labor disputes, and natural disasters
  • Training for security drivers, including classroom coursework, practical exercises like evasive lane changes and counter ambush driving, and specialty subjects like ramming, PIT maneuvers, and motorcade driving
  • Executive seminars for victim avoidance, counter-surveillance, and evasive driving techniques utilizing hands-on practical exercises
  • Travel security intelligence and logistics management
  • Secure transportation of executives and business travelers
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) — emergency tracking & monitoring service
  • IRS 132/Compliance

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