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Anti-Piracy Unit and
Motion Picture Association
of America (MPAA)

Anti-Piracy Unit & Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)

U.S. Security Associates has provided security for over 83,000 major motion picture pre-release screenings across the nation, Canada and throughout the world.

We are the first security provider to have a team uniquely assigned to Anti-Piracy efforts, working together at U.S. Security Associates' Client Support Center, located in Burbank, California.

Our relationship with the MPAA over the last 2 years has also grown. We are now recognized by the MPAA as a qualified Anti-Piracy security firm. We can use MPAA as a resource for known offenders and receive inside knowledge of the underground piracy world.

We have a 24 hour hotline designated for screenings around the world. A member of our support staff is available to take mandatory calls from fully equipped anti-piracy guards in the field, ensuring timely adherence to proven anti-piracy security protocols and best practices.

U.S. Security Associates does all types of screenings. Film festivals, Ebert-Roeper, Press, Recruited, Word of Mouth, etc. We can be discreet and understated or authoritative and visible, depending on the needs of our clients, in almost any type of venue.

Finally, we offer a reward program for our officers. A $500 incentive is given to each officer catching a pirate in action. Although deterrence is the centerpiece of our anti-piracy efforts, our guards stand at the ready to apprehend, detain, and arrest criminals recording for sale copyrighted motion pictures.

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