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Special Projects Group
“First to Arrive. Last to Stand Down. Always.”

From plainclothes direct intervention teams to uniformed tactical response officers, our Special Projects Group has the resources to protect organizations, government agencies, events, and individuals at serious risk of harm and loss.

Operated by U.S. Security Associates’ Consulting, Investigations and International Division, the Special Projects Group brings together the strength, capabilities, and protective posture you need, with unrivaled speed and effectiveness, complete discretion, and trained and experienced leadership providing effective span of control and ongoing intelligence gathering and analysis.

Direct Intervention Teams. These teams of experienced professionals are customarily deployed in plainclothes attire to blend with the working environment and provide threat investigation and management, advance security planning, close protection details, surveillance/counter-surveillance, and protective vehicle operations. They specialize in deterring and responding to the following:

  • Threats of targeted violence — in the workplace and elsewhere
  • Attacks on principals (AOP): dignitaries, executives, and high-profile individuals
  • Actual or potential kidnapping, ransom demands, and extortion
  • Meeting/event security, credential control, technical security countermeasures
  • Breaches of intellectual property and critical proprietary information

Rapid Response Teams. These teams are made up of uniformed tactical security officers and are legendary for swift response to and mitigation of a variety of threats:

  • Natural and man-made disasters: storms, earthquakes, fires, terrorist actions
  • Civil disorder, aggressive demonstrations, labor disputes, other disruptive events
  • Security of high-risk locations: nuclear power plants, bio-laboratories and others
  • Protection of pharmaceutical supply chain; potential pandemic response
  • Loss of other high-value products and property, in transit or at rest

All teams are self-sufficient and self-directed, fully equipped, and may be armed or unarmed as circumstances require.  Duration of deployment ranges from a single day to years at a time. Resources can be combined in creative ways to efficiently staff long-term assignments such as global security operations centers, sites engaged in sensitive operations, and residential security details.

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