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Corporate Meetings & Events

From political conventions to shareholder meetings to corporate events, U.S. Security Associates (USA) provides comprehensive security and threat mitigation solutions for a variety of special events and meetings where people, property, and information are potentially at risk.

USA’s Special Projects Group has managed on-site security at more than 1,100 events – some with as many as 4,500 attendees. Our comprehensive solutions focus on four key elements of meeting and event security.

  1. Advance Planning, Threat Assessment, and Threat Intelligence Monitoring
    Before every meeting or event detail, we advance the venue in coordination with facility management, client representatives, and law enforcement, if necessary. We gather critical intelligence about the venue itself including “back of house access,” the spaces that will be in use, the geographic area, and the proximity of police and medical care. We evaluate the sensitivity of the meeting or event and plan for potential threats such as activist groups and protesters. We also use social media monitoring tools to gauge public sentiment and expose any plans to disrupt or infiltrate the event.

  2. Access and Credential Control
    We drill our agents to be consistent and make no exceptions to established access and credential control procedures. 100% compliance is essential. One lapse is all a competitive intelligence operative or malicious individual needs in order to gain access. Our personnel are skilled in the art of “obtaining compliance” as opposed to traditional hard-edged “enforcement.” Consistency, couched in politeness and tact, is key.

  3. Protection of Confidential Information, Competitive Intelligence, and Document Control
    We work on the assumption that adversarial competitors are motivated to compromise the confidentiality of the meeting or event.  Every agent assigned to a detail is alert for individuals behaving in suspect ways and prepared to intervene respectfully. Our agents are also experienced at coordinating with venue staff on routine daily room sweeps to capture and properly secure or dispose of confidential company materials left behind by attendees.

  4. Threat and Emergency Management
    Our agents are typically seasoned professionals from military, law enforcement, or similar backgrounds, with demonstrated experience managing crisis situations. We do not advertise positions for security agents for meeting and event details. We select staff for this sensitive work based on referrals from colleagues and other tried and trusted personnel. Each assigned agent is an expert in the execution of emergency response plans with a history of poise under pressure.

For special events and meetings in the United States or around the world, you can trust USA’s Special Projects Group to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solution to successfully balance security concerns and the need for people to interact freely.

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