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Security Officer Selection


Security Officer Selection

Security officers are the living embodiment of everything a security service company stands for. At USA, we are seeking security officers to serve as ambassadors for a world-class customer service culture. The essentials on our hiring checklist include integrity, sincerity, a professional appearance and a personal history that demonstrates a strong work ethic.

Security Officer Recruiting

We develop a strategic recruiting plan to target the most promising candidates for each unique client site and security service operation. We develop detailed position descriptions for each assignment and recruit from a variety of sources:

  • client-approved incumbent personnel;
  • existing USA employees due for promotions;
  • digital recruiting through Indeed.com, SimplyHired.com, and social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter;
  • traditional recruiting through newspapers, universities and job fairs; and
  • local agencies and community organizations.

We also recruit heavily from the military through Recruiting America’s Brave, our campaign to provide careers for veterans and military spouses.

Security Officer Background Screening & Selection Procedures

We conduct comprehensive background investigations to ensure that applicants meet stringent standards and qualifications. Following are our minimum requirements for security officer or loss prevention associates:

  • must be at least 18 years of age;
  • must have a high school diploma or GED (or equivalent);
  • must be a US citizen or an alien lawfully authorized to work in the US;
  • must pass a background check and drug screen;
  • must be physically and mentally fit to perform duties required by the job;
  • must be willing to pass medical and/or psychological tests as a condition of employment or continued employment (including tests for substance abuse);
  • must have a verifiable work record indicating stability, reliability, and suitability for security work;
  • must demonstrate characteristics such as honesty and personal integrity;
  • must hold a valid driver’s license with no restrictions that would interfere with the performance of duties as required by the position;
  • must have an honorable discharge from military (if served);
  • must meet minimum requirements of state licensing for security guard employment;
  • must be able to read, write and speak English;
  • must be able to understand and apply work rules and regulations;
  • must be able to successfully interact with co-workers, supervisors, clients, and the public;
  • must be able to maintain self-control and poise in stressful situations; and
  • must demonstrate characteristics such as honesty and personal integrity.

Our security officer background investigation process is designed to ensure that we only employ security officers who meet our exacting employment criteria, contract specifications and regulatory requirements. We conduct the following screening procedures, at minimum:

  • detailed interviews;
  • verification of U.S. citizenship or authorization to work;
  • 7-year criminal record check, including terrorist, sex offender, federal and national database checks;
  • drug screening;
  • 5-year employment, education and military record checks;
  • verification of compliance with client contract requirements; and
  • pre-assignment training.

We guarantee that security officers at each client site satisfy all employment requirements and qualifications.. New employees can only be added to our payroll system once documentation that all requirements are met. Compliance officers personally inspect all documentation to ensure full compliance with company, contract and regulatory requirements.

Once we have a pool of qualified security service candidates, we profile individual skill sets and personality traits to match people to assignments where they are most likely to succeed.

"I am very satisfied with my officers on site at Food Lion, DC4. I can depend on them when I am away."

— Carolyn Rickman 
Food Lion

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