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Consulting, Investigations
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Specialized Training

Consulting, Investigations and International (CI&I):


Specialized Training

Through our Consulting, Investigations and International Division, U.S. Security Associates (USA) provides professional training in workplace violence prevention and response as well as executive protection and security driving.

Informed by their own real-life, career experiences in both public safety and private security, our expert instructors routinely travel to client locations to present specialized training on-site. To address training needs across broad geographies, our instructors often collaborate with our in-house production team to deliver high-quality video training solutions. We have state-of-the-art production equipment, animation technology, and the creative talent to produce training videos that meet client-specific needs, featuring the client’s company and personnel, if desired.

Workplace Violence Training

Training is key to a successful workplace violence program, as has been noted by the latest ASIS/SHRM ANSI standard. We work with many types of organizations to deliver accessible, actionable employee training covering the following general areas:

  • Formulation of the risk assessment process
  • Policies and procedures
  • Behaviors that need to be identified and acted upon
  • Identification of key variables that can act as inhibitors or triggers to violent behavior
  • Accurate differentiation between high and low risk behaviors
  • Importance of understanding environmental influences
  • When and whom to call for outside assistance

Training content, methodology, and materials are all flexible to fit the organization’s preferences within the framework of regulatory expectations.

Executive Protection & Security Driver Training

To prepare executive protection agents and security drivers for their assignments, we offer a comprehensive curriculum, inclusive of general, advanced, and armed training.


  • Mission and methods of security
  • Defensive tactics and use of force policy
  • Report writing, logs, and journals
  • Legal issues
  • Fire prevention, detection, suppression, and survival
  • Communications skills
  • Ethics and professional demeanor


  • Close protection techniques
  • Security advance preparation
  • Residential and office security
  • Large venues
  • Use of technology
  • Command post operations
  • Understanding and managing threats of violence
  • Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB)
  • Surveillance/counter-surveillance
  • Attack recognition and avoidance
  • Addressing medical emergencies
  • Aircraft and maritime vessel security
  • Meeting and event security
  • Foreign travel considerations


  • Deadly force law and policy
  • Basic firearms skills and semi-annual qualification
  • Concealed weapons skills and deployment
  • Confronting edged weapons
  • Confronting multiple aggressors
  • Low light combat skills


by Crossroads Training Academy

Classroom Instruction

  • Basic driver improvement
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Protective vehicle operations

Practical Courses

  • Slalom exercise
  • Braking and turning exercises
  • Evasive lane change exercises
  • High-performance driving exercises
  • Emergency and precision-backing exercises
  • Counter-ambush driving exercises
  • Specialty subjects upon request (eg, ramming, PIT maneuver, and motorcade driving)

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