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Mining & Oil Exploration

Mining and Oil Exploration

With the ever-growing demand for earth's natural resources, mining and exploration companies are expanding their operations into developing countries, where oversight is least stable and trusted security providers are scarce.

As an economic growth driver linked to critical infrastructure, the mining industry is often the target of embezzlers, terrorists, and other criminals. Although mining and oil exploration are among the most visible and volatile industrial operations in the world, U.S. Security Associates (USA) is uniquely qualified and experienced in minimizing risk and maintaining security for mines all over the globe. We have a worldwide network of resources and acute risk management experience in Africa, Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, and many other potentially hostile environments.

Individual mines are monoliths of rural economies and are often the only source of employment for indigenous or local civilians. However, autonomous mine management often leaves mining companies susceptible to corruption through internal fraud and outside influences. Our comprehensive experience with non-traditional investigative services lends the skill set necessary to ferret out potential procurement fraud as well as conduct internal and external investigations. Forensic accountants with industry experience support our research analysts and investigators. We are positioned to respond locally to these sites and complete thorough and trustworthy investigations.

Our far-sighted security intelligence and analysis play a critical role for mining properties in high-risk areas. From securing access routes to remote mining sites in compromised areas to maintaining security at the sites themselves, we assess risks and vulnerabilities and follow meticulous procedures to ensure security and safety.

Although there is high potential for theft and violence in the mining and exploration business, the right assessment, foresight, and security planning can thwart imminent danger and keep hardworking employees safe. The in-house expertise and knowledge that USA has cultivated over the years protects our clients in even the most embattled environments:

  • Due diligence
  • Internal and local investigations
  • Forensic accounting
  • Security and risk assessments
  • Program development
  • Security intelligence and analysis
  • Location and supply chain security
  • Monitoring

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