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Loss Prevention and Safety through
Social Media Monitoring

Loss Prevention and Safety through
Social Media Monitoring

As smart phones and social media give rise to new threats of organized crime by "flash mobs," social media monitoring services are a smart loss prevention solution and vital safeguard against "flash" crimes.

"Flash" robberies are being reported in major metropolitan areas from Chicago to Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. Thieves are getting away with thousands of dollars in merchandise, including expensive brands of sports apparel, denim, and other goods. Store employees are overwhelmed and even trampled as thieves mob the premises, storming in and out in a "flash" with as much as they can grab.

Similar "flash" crimes are also occurring on streets in tourist-packed areas. Thieves make off with cell phones and other personal belongings, often compounding theft with assault and battery.

Retail theft and street crimes are not new to law enforcement personnel or loss prevention specialists. What is new is how these crimes are being organized – by social media.

Rings of retail thieves and street criminals are using smart phones, text messages, and other forms of social media to orchestrate criminal attacks.

The U.S. Security Associates (USA) Consulting and Investigations team offers a proactive solution for businesses and others potentially at risk of being targeted by "flash mobs." Using social media monitoring technology designed to deliver predictive preventive intelligence, USA's Consulting and Investigations professionals can alert clients to suspicious social media traffic that may indicate planning of a criminal attack. Social media monitoring technology is widely used by political parties and marketing organizations to gauge public sentiment. Now, USA's Consulting & Investigations Division is using the same technology to help law enforcement agencies, retail businesses, and other organizations protect people and property from crimes engineered through social media.

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