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Take the burden off your Human Resources department, and reduce payroll cost by adding fingerprinting services to your security program.

U.S. Security Associates can lighten your Human Resources (HR) department’s workload by incorporating fingerprinting services into your security program. Our trained fingerprint technicians can assist with new hire candidates and employee processing. Expanding security officer functions to include fingerprinting services can deliver payroll cost reduction, security resource optimization, and the convenience of centralized processes.

Each U.S. Security Associates fingerprint technician undergoes a thorough background check that includes drug screening, a complete seven-year background investigation, and state security licensing requirements. Our employees are covered by comprehensive general liability insurance, protecting your organization from potential liability.

Fingerprint technicians successfully complete a two-day training curriculum with courses including customer service, fingerprint rolling procedures, and related health and safety issues. In addition, training includes a project-specific outline of our customer’s pre-employment and orientation procedures, so technicians fully understand the importance of their roles in the overall process.

Our fingerprint technician training program emphasizes customer service skills, as we realize that our fingerprint technician will have an important part in creating first impressions of the company and its employees. Fingerprint technicians are chosen based on experience and their ability to provide excellent customer service, which is critical to a positive employee application process.

U.S. Security Associates offers an integrated approach to security that provides a range of services and a proven level of reliability to meet both conventional and extended security needs. We provide full-service security solutions and broad-spectrum capabilities nationwide, with a footprint spanning more than 160 cities. Our dedicated fingerprint services are just one of many ways we strive to support customers as an integral part of their operations and cultures.

Contact us to discuss how incorporating fingerprinting services in your security program could deliver cost savings and efficiencies for your organization.

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