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Asset Tracing

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Asset Tracing

We assist business leaders, counsel, security managers and professionals in responding to risk by providing business intelligence in support of asset recovery efforts.

U.S. Security Associates (USA) is an enterprise risk management firm with global reach and years of experience in asset tracing and recovery. Specializing in fraud inquiries, analysis, asset tracing, and recovery, USA has assisted counsel, governments, and clients with some of their most challenging projects. Our consultants conduct research, analysis, and investigations to uncover fraud, abuse, and misconduct from the individual to the corporate level, building cases for litigation, judgment, and recovery.

Our team consists of former law enforcement and intelligence agents with extensive experience investigating and prosecuting money laundering cases relating to narcotics trafficking, fraud, diversion of technology and military armaments, and espionage. Whether supporting Fortune 500 corporations, governments, or outside counsel, our services are conducted with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, with respect and sensitivity to the culture of the enterprise and the individuals involved.

The company’s core investigative team boasts professional backgrounds such as Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and US Customs, and we have developed an international network alliance of investigators with similar experience and local cultural expertise in regions such as the Caribbean, Latin America, the EU, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Our asset recovery team is augmented by a group of research analysts with access to hundreds of databases and thousands of data sources across the globe. Our trusted analysts are constantly searching for new sources of information from electronic databases to human intelligence, each leveraging contacts and know-how in their particular areas of expertise.

Working closely with our forensics team, these analysts employ link analysis tools that can synthesize large amounts of data into concise, focused demonstratives and provide leads necessary to advance specific inquiries.

Our field resources include investigators who have access to local sources of information and are accustomed to operating within the local culture. Local asset tracing resources can research public records, provide surveillance of a target, interview a witness, access financial sources, and pull garbage. All these capabilities can be very important in an asset tracing endeavor.

Best-in-class expertise and resources have led to success with a variety of cases over the years, ranging from local matters to large scale international cases spanning many jurisdictions. We have located assets in offshore jurisdictions such as Panama and the Cayman Islands in support of judgments, and we have traced funds through the Isle of Man and Cyprus as part of a fraud case.

In the early 1990s, the government experience of our team members, and their understanding of the network of entities used by Saddam Hussein to acquire military equipment, was used as a platform to trace his assets spirited offshore and later used as war reparations after invading Kuwait.

Other team members have traced the assets of Russian fraud perpetrators through Cyprus into the Caribbean, and ultimately into the U.S., where they were frozen and forfeited. In other matters, our team has traced monies from African enterprises through a series of banks in Europe, which were ultimately used to acquire real estate around the world.

U.S. Security Associates has the experience and expertise to develop and execute sophisticated multi-jurisdictional matters. Our phased approach provides efficient results and allows for maximum control of these complex matters. We can provide detailed proposals upon request.

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