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Benefits and Retention

Security Officer Retention Programs

It’s not enough just to select qualified people and provide award-winning training. The best security companies know that the quality of security services is a direct reflection of how successfully an organization selects, trains and retains security officers.

At U.S. Security Associates, our focus on security officer retention starts during the recruitment process. From the beginning, our emphasis is on career opportunities – positions here are not dead-end security jobs. Applicants have to qualify for employment with us – our standards are strict. No one “passes go” without passing basic security officer training, and that’s only the beginning of training and developing security officers for a world class customer service culture.

We also offer security officer benefits, incentives and advancement opportunities that help us attract and retain the best security company talent.


Our benefits packages are structured with the flexibility to fit every client need and every security services budget. Security officer benefits include the following:

  • medical insurance options,
  • holiday pay,
  • vacation pay,
  • 401K retirement savings plan,
  • tax-free flexible spending plans,
  • Pay-Positive paycards,
  • university tuition discounts, and
  • paid uniforms.

Recognition, Incentive and Award Programs

We protect our investment in security officer selection, training and benefits by recognizing and rewarding high-performing individuals. By celebrating our employees’ successes, we honor the importance of each individual’s contributions and broadcast the message to our whole force that their best efforts are noted and valued.

Last year, we made cash awards to employees totaling approximately $150,000 and recognized more than 8,000 outstanding associates through these programs:

  • Security Officer of the Year Award for security officers who excel in performance, accomplish specific goals or perform achievements of notable consequence;
  • Supervisor of the Year Award for supervisors who deliver superior performance, demonstrate remarkable leadership or execute achievements of notable consequence;
  • Employee Incentive Awards for outstanding service and accomplishments;
  • Winner’s Circle Awards for extraordinary achievement in several categories, including security officers, supervisors, staff members, branch office performance, sales production and business unit performance; and
  • Service Awards at the following employment anniversaries: three (3), five (5), eight (8), ten (10), fifteen (15), twenty (20) and twenty-five (25).

Award winners are featured in the U.S. Security Post, a company newsletter circulated among our over 50,000+ employees and 5,300+ clients and posted on the company website. The newsletter ensures that winners are recognized throughout the company and serves as a memento for each award winner.

Opportunities to Advance in Security Service Careers

Career development opportunities are among the best benefits we offer. We encourage security officers to seek long-term careers with us, taking advantage of continuing education, mentoring, and university tuition discounts to progress toward their personal goals and aspirations.

We conduct performance reviews annually, and exceptional performers are considered for advancement opportunities when they arise. We promote an average of 5%-10% of our force within ranks each year.  Many of our senior managers have worked in our organization as branch and/or operations managers.  It is our culture to promote these trusted positions from within, and as a result, the average tenure of our senior level managers is 10+ years in position.

"The site has had no turnover or overtime for a year. Very good job."

— David McCubbin 
Bank One

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