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Award-Winning Security Services Training

Award-Winning Security Services Training

U.S. Security Associates develops security officer knowledge and skill sets through an award-winning training process and a thriving learning culture. In 2012, we were honored for the second time in the Association for Talent Development (ATD) BEST Awards competition. We were first recognized in the ATD BEST competition in 2006, and we have been named a Top 100 training company by Training magazine for seven consecutive years.

USA Security Academy

Every year, USA Security Academy trains more than 50,000 employees in classrooms nationwide via eTutor Live Training broadcasts from our state-of-the-art training studio at corporate headquarters. Our eTutor Live Training platform offers a stimulating classroom setting and security officer training consistency across thousands of sites.

Security Services Training Capabilities

USA Security Academy’s basic security officer training via eTutor Live Training has been approved for use in many states with mandatory pre-assignment training requirements. In other states, we have developed state-approved training programs ranging from eight hours to 40 hours that can be delivered live or online, depending on state requirements and client specifications. Where applicable, we comply with state requirements to use state-approved exams, state-certified trainers or state-approved training schools for pre-assignment training.

In addition to basic security officer training, USA Security Academy offers supervisory and management training, along with an extensive library of elective courses on fundamental concepts and security industry hot topics. We recently released the first 20 titles in our new short segment security officer training series, designed to deliver high-impact training in convenient 20-minute modules. With a multitude of options to fit any timeframe, our training catalog includes a wealth of resources for custom-building training programs to suit the unique needs of each client and site.

Core Security Officer Training Curriculum

Basic security officer training is actually the final step of our security officer selection process. Our comprehensive basic security officer training program instills a fundamental working knowledge of security officer responsibilities, designed to reduce on-site errors and optimize security officer productivity. Security officers must complete basic security officer training and successfully pass 12 unit examinations to be eligible for assignment to a client site.

Test results are transmitted through real-time electronic test scoring directly into the employee’s Learning Management System training portfolio.

Once assigned to a site, all security officers are required to complete an On-the-Job Training (OJT) program. The OJT curriculum is custom-developed for each site during transition, building on basic security officer training with site-specific orientation, post orders, client policies, safety plans, emergency procedures and public relations.

In-service training is customized to fit client goals and budgets. Staples of our in-service training programs include elective courses from the USA Security Academy course catalog as well as training content customized by site and delivered through our telephonic training solution. We encourage clients to take advantage of our in-service security officer training capabilities to reduce turnover, improve productivity and morale, and minimize liability and exposure.


SecuritySTARS®is the cornerstone of U.S. Security Associates' mission to provide our clients with the most Safe. Secure. Friendly.® environments. An exclusive training initiative focused on continuing education, skill development and career aspiration, SecuritySTARS® ensures that our officers are the best prepared in the industry and have the knowledge and the required skills to consistently deliver superior job performances, while at the same time increasing employee retention. A symbol of quality assurance in the industry, our SecuritySTARS® are cultivated to provide the highest class of service to our clients. Our SecuritySTARS® recognition program motivates Security Officers to achieve superior levels of performance and engagement while acquiring new skills. The SecuritySTARS® curriculum, with 5 STAR level ascension,  focuses on prevention, detection and immediate response to mitigate  risks with a client friendly mind-set and attitude. The initiative encourages prescriptive and ongoing continuing education that elevates Security Officers capabilities to reduce risk and ensure better outcomes for our clients. 

Advanced Training

We also provide advanced training for security officers interested in moving into supervision and management.

Our supervisory training program includes eight essential training units as well as sexual harassment and avoidance training and an 8-hour Administrative/Operations and Procedures course.

Our management training program is based on a success profile we have developed for a successful USA branch manager. New branch managers and high-potential operations managers are invited to the corporate office for 2.5 days of intensive training, targeted toward building strengths in the areas where the company’s highest performing branch managers are strongest.

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