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P3 Technology PlatformSM

Technology Sheets

P3 Technology Sheets

P3 RemoteSM

Keeping people, assets and places Safe. Secure. Friendly.®, our specialized P3 Remote surveillance solutions are designed to complement and support our physical site presence by providing visibility when officers are either deployed in a different part of your site or where there may not be an on-site presence during certain hours of the day or days of the week.

P3 Remote exists to provide an all-encompassing, immediate response mechanism to prevent loss, damage, and theft and to maximize the Total Value to ProtectSM. Directly connected to our state-of-the-art Command Center, each P3 Remote surveillance solution can be custom designed to fit the specific needs of each site to provide 24/7/365 real-time protection to your premises.

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P3 RoboticsSM

Sharp INTELLOSTM Automated Unmanned Ground Vehicle (A-UGV)

Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV is designed to complement our skilled officer force. The INTELLOS platform extends the range of protection intended to provide consistent and effective patrol of your property.

Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV, is a durable multi-terrain, mobile sensor platform that can capture video, audio and environmental data. An advanced and innovative security solution, the autonomous unit provides technological enhancements to existing security to help protect your people, infrastructure and assets. Its ruggedized design enables the unit to withstand a wide range of terrain, allowing it to cover outdoor security surveillance, safety and maintenance inspection patrols and help mitigate security risks even in the most remote and inhospitable areas of your property.


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P3 Compliance

24/7/365 Tracking of Security Team Performance

P3 Compliance is a web-accessible dashboard for the monitoring of security information. For a single site or a portfolio of locations, you can view all your security operations in one consolidated and customizable interface.

U.S. Security Associates (USA) developed P3 Compliance — our proprietary security information system — to provide a centralized, accessible, user-friendly dashboard view of compliance information relating to security staff processing, training, key performance indicators and quality assurance.

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P3 Fire & Safety

The Fire & Safety module on the P3 MobileSM app is the proverbial stone for two birds, providing a cost and time-saving advantage that allows officers to not only ensure the security of your premises, but make certain your safety equipment is always regulatory compliant.

No longer to do you have to mess with the hassle of arranging and scheduling outside vendors to come on-site and perform the required checks of your safety equipment; your staff of highly-skilled security officers can now perform those tasks. While logged into the P3 Mobile app on a patrol tour, an officer would select the Fire & Safety module and then respond to a series of inspection questions and requirements regarding the specific safety item, such as an AED or a fire extinguisher.

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P3 Incidents

Identifying and Responding in Real-Time

P3 Incident module, accessible on the P3 MobileSM app, minimizes the time officers spend on reports by empowering security personnel to report incidents from the field, trigger instant notifications, and efficiently capture key incident data, while also making sophisticated incident tracking and analysis simple. U.S. Security Associates (USA) developed the Incident module to give employees and customers a user-friendly application for real-time incident reporting, rapid notifications, and advanced tracking and analysis. Officers are prompted to capture key incident data on the scene, with system prompts ensuring subsequent follow-up and full supporting documentation.

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P3 Tours

A Dynamic Tour System

Tours is a remote monitoring tool that gives our clients peace of mind knowing that security officers are patrolling facilities on time, every time. It provides extra supervision without the cost of extra personnel.

The P3 dynamic tour system provides more than just a digital log of tour data. Developed to ensure compliance with security officer on-site requirements and facilitate rapid response, P3 Tours stream vital tour information in real-time to the P3 PortalSM where live operators monitor progress and ensure immediate response to any deviation or incident 24/7/365.

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P3 Vistor and Vehicle Management

Gated Communities

P3 Visitor and Vehicle Management (VVM) module keeps gated communities secure from unwelcome visitors while promoting a carefree environment for your residents and their guests.

Specifically developed to improve the visitor management process, U.S. Security Associates' (USA) proprietary VVM module on the P3 MobileSM is an efficient, safe and secure method for our skilled security force to verify guests and control gate access.

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P3 Vistor and Vehicle Management

Truck Processing

Providing a fail-safe method to ensure that required information is logged for every vehicle entering or exiting your facility.

The P3 Vehicle and Visitor Management (VVM) module effectively processes and stores truck and trailer data upon arrival and departure from our customers' distribution centers and truck yards.

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P3 Vistor and Vehicle Management

Visitor Screening

Process visitors efficiently with U.S. Security Associates' (USA) innovative visitor screening solution. Enabling your onsite security professionals to screen, document and badge all visitors safely, securely and in an efficient and friendly manner.

The proprietary Visitor and Vehicle Management (VVM) module on the P3 MobileSM was developed to provide security managers with an efficient tool to reduce delays in logging and badging visitors, distinguish special consideration visitors, and identify individuals “not to be admitted.”

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