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P3 Technology PlatformSM

Fast Facts

P3 Technology Platform Fast Facts

Raising the industry bar, U.S. Security Associates' (USA) P3 Technology PlatformSM is designed to Prepare. Predict. Prevent. incidents, thus creating better outcomes for our clients. P3 capabilities are comprised of four main components, the customizable P3 PortalSM, P3 MobileSM, P3 RemoteSM, and P3 RoboticsSM. Data is captured, communicated and streamlined between Portal and the other three components to provide clients with site-specific insights, compliance and recommendations to maximize the Total Value to Protect.SM By taking security technology to the next level, we move away from today's "detect and respond" smart cameras to the next generation of data driven solutions, predicting and eventually preventing risks and their unintended consequences.

P3 Portal

Easy to navigate, our P3 Portal makes viewing security operations simple. With a streamlined design, customizable charts and graphs the dashboard lets you see what you want to see. Reports can be configured, customized and downloaded from Portal. Secure and reliable, data is encrypted. Multiple locations can be drilled down into greater detail or rolled up for overview and comparison.

Displayed in real-time to provide a detailed view of what is happening at the site at any given moment, Portal's dashboards can be customized to show:

Displayed in real-time to provide a detailed view of what is happening at the site at any given moment, Portal's dashboards can be customized to show:

  • Site maps
  • Analysis of incidents and events
  • A heat map of officer movement
  • Performed tour activities
  • Tasks
  • Site weather

Dynamic reports and a detailed breakdown of captured data can be performed to display:

  • Incidents
  • Tour results
  • Training and certifications
  • Overall compliance and KPI's
  • Inspections
  • Visitor check-in
  • Overtime
  • Retention
  • Invoice accuracy
  • Background screening

P3 Mobile

The P3 Mobile app enables "connected officers" to receive, gather and communicate information in real-time to make the most informed, intelligence-driven security decisions. Data is captured by one of Mobile's modules and flows into the Portal for real-time viewing and analysis.

Officers log into the app and capture data by choosing from the customizable menu of available modules.


  • Officers scan preconfigured checkpoints set up throughout the facility
  • Scanned data is uploaded and actively monitored
  • Ensures officers are patrolling on time, every time


  • Keeps officers on the go by minimizing report writing time and allow for better monitoring and patrolling
  • Prompts officers to submit key incident data for greater accuracy in recording events
  • Real-time notification of incidents

Fire & Safety

  • A quick and easy way for security officers to identify and resolve slip, trip, and fall hazards
  • Preprogrammed with instruction to successfully resolve hazards
  • Security personnel can easily incorporate fire xtinguisher or AED inspections and maintenance into their work routines

Visitor and Vehicle Management

  • Expedites visitor and truck screening
  • Customizable fields and input
  • System prompts users through the proper procedures
  • Digital record of gate traffic that is linked to compliance documentation

Client Documents

  • Reduces cost with "go green" document management and keeps officers in touch with vital post information
  • Officers can review post orders, company policies, and operating procedures at any time on their smart phones or tablets

P3 Remote

Designed to enhance current onsite security. Cameras and speakers are used to create virtual, safe and secure capabilities like a remote escort or around-the-clock perimeter detection to protect your people and your premises. Connected directly to our state-of-the-industry Command Center, each P3 Remote surveillance solution can be custom designed to fit your specific needs.

Virtual Attendant

  • Gate management
  • Access control
  • Escort or lobby concierge

Virtual Tour

  • Enables visibility services through strategically placed cameras when security officers are deployed in other areas of your site or where an on-site presence is not feasible
  • Perimeter protection
  • Call down capability via speaker and camera

P3 Robotics

Not an officer replacement, but a "Force Multiplier". Designed to support on-site security by helping to maintain consistent patrol with detail documentation for all areas of your property.

The autonomous unit is equipped with cameras, a customizable chemical sniffer package, LiDAR sensors, GPS and provides a 360-degree view of the patrol route.

  • Checkpoint inspections
  • Detect and deter potential loss
  • Detection of possible chemical release
  • Inspection of critical infrastructure
  • Response to potentially harmful areas (i.e. chemical release)

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