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Tour Positive®

Monitor and verify scheduled tours with Tour Positive®

The Tour-Positive® system does more than just log tour data; the data is streamed in real-time to a command center where live operators monitor tour progress and ensure rapid response to any tour deviation or incident.

U.S. Security Associates (USA) developed Tour-Positive® to ensure compliance with security officer requirements on site and facilitate rapid response when needed. Officers use a hand-held, military-grade communication device to scan barcodes strategically placed at guard tour and patrol checkpoints. The tour data is transmitted to our central command center, where it is monitored 24/7. With real-time, live monitoring and response, the proper individuals are immediately notified of deviations or incidents, with deployment as necessary for situations that require immediate follow up. Tour-Positive® can also be customized to lead officers through a series of pre-programmed questions regarding site equipment to identify maintenance issues.

With Tour Positive® Data Collection Service:

  • Tour data is available in real time on the web.
  • Scheduled tour activity is monitored and exceptions trigger alerts.

Key Features of Tour Positive®

  • Customized alert process uses e-mail, voice, and SMS text.
  • GPS Tracking (including Full Map Integration) confirms post coverage and officer location in real-time.
  • Speed monitoring tracks the speed of patrol vehicles and ensures compliance with posted speed limits and property orders.
  • Heading feature tracks the direction of officer tour patterns and locations toured.
  • Charging status monitors when the device is in or out of the charger.
  • Image capture technology allows officers to capture photos of incidents for communication, reporting, and documentation, and allows supervisors to capture photos of inspection violations to enforce training efforts and back up disciplinary action.
  • Post orders documents are accessible from the device, providing a ready reference for officers.
  • Clock-In/Clock-Out feature tracks officer arrival and departure times.
  • Officer Monitoring feature tracks officers' activity levels and alerts management of inactivity suggesting physical danger or medical distress.

Also with Tour-Positive® Technology

With greater functionality than traditional tour systems, Tour-Positive®  can be used to keep night shift officers alert and for other innovative applications:

  • Instant Alert!SM – Supports monitoring of equipment such as freezers and gauges, generating real-time alerts for out-of-tolerance readings.
  • Red Box AlertSM – Enables security officers to incorporate fire extinguisher inspections and maintenance into their work routines.

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