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Red Box AlertSM

OSHA compliance made easy with
Red Box AlertSM

Red Box AlertSM is an easy-to-use, low-cost system that enables security officers to provide portable fire extinguisher inspection services as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Employers are responsible for maintenance, inspection, and testing of portable fire extinguishers in the workplace, per OSHA regulations. Many employers contract out this work to companies in the fire extinguisher maintenance business. U.S. Security Associates (USA) developed Red Box AlertSM to support performance of this important safety function by site security personnel, eliminating the need for clients to outsource the work to a separate contractor.

Automatic Reminder System and Reporting

Red Box AlertSM uses digital communications technology to provide reminders to track, update, upgrade, and complete other tasks related to fire extinguisher maintenance. Security officers use a handheld communicator to record the inspection of each extinguisher on the tour. Using the communicator, the officer responds to a series of inspection questions and requirements. The security officer's responses are recorded into a database, which provides a real-time record of the inspection. Any equipment malfunctions or irregularities are instantly identified and reported, so you can quickly remedy the problem.

Red Box AlertSM features ensure

  • unit is in proper location, visible, and accessible;
  • safety seals and tamper indicators are intact;
  • pin is in place;
  • pressure gauge is green;
  • extinguisher is full;
  • hose is clear of obstruction; and
  • inspection tag is current.

Benefits of Red Box AlertSM

  • Reliability – provides assurance that portable fire extinguisher equipment is being properly monitored
  • Accountability – improves data accuracy, minimizes potential for human error through scanning feature, and provides audit trail
  • Reduced cost – eliminates the need to hire separate contractors for security service and fire extinguisher maintenance
  • Compliance – ensures compliance with OSHA regulations and organizational requirements
  • Ease of use – features user-friendly interface and universal access from any location
  • Real-time alerts – includes scheduling tools that simplify maintenance for all extinguishers
  • Time-stamped – accommodates outdoor locations
  • Effective oversight – reveals trends so that measurements can be taken to reduce incidents
  • Streamlined processes – eliminates unnecessary paper-work and handwritten logs

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