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Officer Monitoring

Officer Monitoring

U.S. Security Associates (USA) offers enhanced personnel tracking capabilities with Officer Monitoring, a function of USA's Tour-Positive® Data Collection Service technology.

While Tour-Positive® uses durable handheld devices to monitor officers' locations and sensitive equipment and areas while they patrol, Officer Monitoring tracks officers' activity levels at regular intervals. The activity level readings serve as a constant safeguard against noncompliance or endangerment for officers who patrol volatile areas, work in isolation, or are responsible for continuous coverage of multiple areas. System generated alerts ensure that immediate notice is sent to USA and client management when an officer cannot perform job functions for any reason or has trouble with equipment.

While an officer conducts the assigned patrol, the Officer Monitoring function uses heartbeat data to measure the officer's activity level. If an officer is walking, biking, or operating a T3 or other vehicle, the device captures the officer's speed and uploads it to the Security Information System® (SIS®) dashboard. The application also shows whether a device is charging or out of battery power. If the heartbeat function indicates that an officer is not moving or if an unattended device has been charging for over 10 minutes, the system registers the device as inactive.

Prolonged inactivity generates an alert, for which USA issues a call to the officer asking for verification that operations are running smoothly onsite. Once this call is answered, the officer is prompted to enter a pre-specified identification number. If this call goes unanswered or the correct number is not entered for two consecutive calls, the system escalates the alert to a site supervisor.

The Tour-Positive® devices can collect data for any specified duration or time slot, and customers can easily schedule and update the days of the week when they want Officer Monitoring to be used through the user-friendly SIS® dashboard. For example, customers can choose to engage Officer Monitoring only at night or during times when there is no supervisor onsite. Because clients can choose when to use Officer Monitoring, the system only issues alerts and updates for the functions that are most important to the customer's operations.

Tour-Positive® and Officer Monitoring work in tandem to provide consistent oversight and back-up for USA's onsite security services. With automated response and immediate follow-through, Officer Monitoring supports USA's overall commitment to providing customer satisfaction through transparency and accountability.

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