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One of Our Greatest Strengths

Technology is One of Our Greatest Strengths

U.S. Security Associates (USA) clients have access to leading technology, developed and managed in-house, that can streamline security operations and enhance performance tracking, reporting, and management.

As a process-driven organization, the key to continued viability despite continuously shrinking industry margins is our ability to provide added value through engineering the service delivery process to optimize quality, accountability, and productivity. To that end, we are implementing information technology (IT) controls to ensure the integrity of each elemental process that impacts our output, including background screening, training, and monitoring of employees. These IT controls are the nexus of our mission critical processes and basis of our quality management system.

Our IT team has developed a wealth of engineered technology solutions over the years to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Taken individually, each of our proprietary technology tools is a best-in-class solution to support a critical customer need. Together, our toolbox of technology solutions sets a benchmark in the industry for integrated systems that optimize quality, productivity, and accountability. Following is a snapshot of the benefits each of our technology tools provides to our customers.

Security Information System® (SIS)

  • Optimizes productivity of internal human resources, billing, and operations departments
  • Reduces time spent on administrative tasks
  • Tracks personnel requirements, including screening, training, uniforms, and scheduling
  • Improves compliance and accountability
  • Improves invoice accuracy
  • Tracks key performance indicators, including overtime, retention, and turnover
  • Tracks and trends incidents
  • Provides real-time tour results
  • Centralizes post orders for easy access and management
  • Displays user-friendly dashboard views of information
  • Allows comprehensive monitoring capabilities
  • Offers extensive and flexible reporting capabilities
  • Tracks satisfaction survey results

Responsive Management

  • Ensures ongoing communication with customers
  • Enables customer feedback and enforces follow-up accountability
  • Produces meeting summary reports
  • Confirms satisfaction or escalates any negative feedback to appropriate management
  • Encourages exceptional performance

Tour Positive®

  • Takes tour data available in real time on the web
  • Streams data and alerts to command center for live monitoring and response
  • Supports equipment monitoring and real-time alerts for out-of-tolerance readings
  • Uses highly durable Android-powered device and bar/QR codes
  • Issues customized alerts via e-mail, voice, and SMS text

Guest VerificationSM

  • Improves safety and accountability by checking visitor information against a database of pre-approved and restricted visitors and auto-dials resident for visitor approval
  • Enhances communication processes and data control at post
  • Improves guest processing times
  • Automatically ensures guest management procedures are followed
  • Digitally documents gate traffic
  • Offers residents better peace of mind

Instant AlertSM

  • Reliably monitors equipment and facility conditions
  • Provides real-time alerts on readings outside of specified parameters
  • Minimizes safety risks and helps prevent loss from system failures and unexpected events
  • Allows site-specific adaptability
  • Enables more effective oversight
  • Streamlines processes, analyzes data and produces accurate reporting on conditions

Incident Management System (IMS)

  • Improves incident response times
  • Notifies security staff of incidents in real-time
  • Provides thorough documentation and comprehensive reporting to analyze incident trends and support liability mitigation
  • Includes image capture capabilities to enhance reporting
  • Offers a user-friendly, flexible application that can be customized to prioritize specific alerts relative to account risk profile


  • Prevents unauthorized or non-compliant truck access
  • Monitors vehicle and driver data
  • Ensures immediate screening before admittance
  • Ensures accountability by linking gate admission controls to documentation compliance
  • Improves vehicle processing times
  • Enhances communication
  • Provides flexible, user-friendly reporting

Visitor Management

  • Streamlines access control with advance preparation and pre-screening, improving visitor processing times
  • Improves safety by securely deterring unapproved visitors
  • Enhances communication and control of visitor data
  • Projects a professional image through automated logs and customized visitor badges
  • Produces accurate, searchable, and reportable digital records of visitors

Red Box AlertSM

  • Adds value and reduces overall cost by eliminating an independent fire extinguisher inspection service
  • Incorporates fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance into site order routine
  • Increases accountability by removing element of human error
  • Provides reminders, easy-to-follow instruction prompts, and real-time, time-stamped documentation
  • Improves compliance with fire safety equipment regulations
  • Instantly alerts security staff if malfunctions or irregularities are identified

Each tool in our technology toolbox is proven to improve performance and provide our clients with full transparency. Transparency is essential to identifying shortcomings, conducting root cause analysis, and implementing action plans. With each new addition to our technology toolbox, we are better able to deliver operational efficiencies, optimized performance and productivity, and maximum value for your security dollar.

About U.S. Security Associates

U.S. Security Associates (USA) is one of North America's largest security companies, with 160 locally-responsive offices providing premier national security services and global consulting and investigations to customers in a range of industries. USA is a recognized leader in optimizing security solutions and enabling better business intelligence through the strategic combination of manpower and technology.

By using proprietary technology to engineer service delivery processes. With its innovative applications of technology for training delivery and quality management, USA has been ranked among the 30 best training and development companies in the world by ATD and is consistently listed as a Top 125 training company by Training magazine.

USA is committed to building quality security and risk management programs that are Safe. Secure. Friendly.® Advanced technology is integral to the company's success delivering solutions that reduce security costs, increase quality and value, and provide transparency and accountability that enable customers to effectively evaluate return on their security program investments.

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