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Guest Verification SystemSM

Track resident and visitor activity with Guest Verification SystemSM

Keeping gated communities secure from unwelcome visitors while promoting a carefree environment for residents and their guests can be challenging. U.S. Security Associates' Guest Verification SystemSM is a welcome solution.

When customers expressed a need for a verification system in their gated residential communities, U.S. Security Associates (USA) responded with Guest Verification SystemSM (GVSSM), a tool specifically developed to improve the visitor management process for gated residential communities. GVSSM is available FREE to USA clients and can be integrated into nearly any PC with no additional hardware or software.

Key Features of GVS

  • GVSSM maintains a database of all residents and pre-approved visitors and a log of visitors entering the community.
  • GVSSM expedites the visitor entry process in several ways:
    • Auto-dials the resident when the security officer needs authorization for a non pre-approved visitor
    • Allows pre-approved visitors to enter the property without the security officer having to contact the resident
    • Prints a parking pass for each visitor, containing valuable information for parking and roving patrols
  • Community managers can edit resident data and add pre-approved visitors from their computers without visiting the gate.
  • GVSSM list all residents and their visitors, including a log of each visitor that has entered the community.
  • GVSSM helps prevent the entry of banned persons by maintaining a list of restricted visitors for each resident.
  • GVSSM prompts the security officer to check the banned persons list and ensure the visitor is not on it.

Benefits to Residents

  • Improves safety – through effective deterrence, documentation, and reporting of unauthorized individuals attempting to gain access
  • Enhances communication – with centralized system prompting compliance with visitor documentation requirements
  • Improves process times – and reduces delays and lines for regular visitors
  • More professional image – with customized visitor passes and elimination of illegible handwritten visitor logs
  • Supports effective management & oversight – through creation of an accurate digital record that's searchable by name, check-in/out time, and resident visited

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