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GateMaster® System


GateMaster®provides a fail-safe method of ensuring that required information is logged for every vehicle entering or exiting your facility.

U.S. Security Associates (USA) developed GateMaster® to effectively process and store truck and trailer data upon arrival and departure from our customers' distribution centers and truck yards.

How GateMaster® Works

Upon a truck or trailer arriving at the gate, the access control security officer enters each element of required information on a handheld data input device. The device is enabled for wireless, cellular, and scanning capabilities and allows the officer to quickly input the following data into pre-programmed fields:

  • Inbound or Outbound Tracking
  • Vehicle Class
  • Condition of the Trailer (right side)
  • Driver's License (scanning the license to check for expiration and proper CDL Class)
  • Bill of Lading Number
  • Seal Status & Number
  • Tractor & Trailer Numbers
  • SCAC
  • Company/Carrier
  • License Plate Data

Once the security officer completes all data fields and presses SUBMIT, the entered data is transferred wirelessly to a central processing computer in the gatehouse, which controls gate access by sending an electronic signal to a gate actuator. Upon receipt and verification of all required data, the gate opens automatically, allowing the truck to proceed, then automatically closes behind the truck after the truck clears the gate.

Benefits of GateMaster®

  • Control and Monitoring – Trucks cannot advance until all required data is entered, ensuring all trucks are properly logged and accounted for.
  • Immediate Screening Before Admittance – Truck drivers are screened before they can gain access, and exceptions immediately register on the officer's data device, such as expired license, license/vehicle classification mismatch, or "individual not authorized to enter yard."
  • Improved Process Times – More effective processing reduces delays and traffic buildup, alleviating bottle-necking at peak periods.
  • Effective Management and Oversight – GateMaster® generates an accurate digital record for all vehicles, searchable by a variety of key information points.
  • Enhanced Communication – The system centralizes all data and notification information for easy access and pass-along capabilities - no more notes posted that officers may or may not see.
  • Reporting Made Easy – The central processing computer stores relayed data that can be filtered for customized reporting capabilities.

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