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Quality Assurance System


USA's Quality Assurance System

As a national security company, U.S. Security Associates (USA) faces the challenge of sustaining consistent high-quality service across thousands of sites served by over 50,000 employees from more than 160 offices.

We rise to that challenge every day, with standardized processes that are based on established quality policies and checked and verified through systematic auditing procedures and proprietary compliance monitoring technology.

Doing the Right Things the Right Way

We can prove it.

USA’s quality policies and quality roles are defined and documented for the organization as a whole and for the individual processes associated with service delivery. Proof of quality policy compliance is built into the procedures for each service delivery process.

As an example, the quality policy for employee selection dictates that each employee must meet certain defined hiring standards. Quality procedures specify that proof of compliance with each standard must be included in the employee’s file.  Quality is assured through a combination of the following:

  • Compliance reviews, conducted by specialists who examine each element of compliance documentation for completeness and accuracy
  • Security Information System® compliance dashboard, which provides our clients with 24/7/365 compliance status visibility
  • Formal annual quality assessments, conducted by internal auditors who inspect branch documentation to ensure every branch is following approved quality policies and procedures

A strategic combination of proprietary technology and human oversight keep us strictly accountable for meeting established quality standards for employee selection, training, and supervision processes, client communication processes, and more.

A robust quality assurance program and innovative, technology-based quality controls differentiate us in the largely non-regulated security services industry, where shrinking margins are increasing pressure on security companies to lower quality standards. Our focus is on the processes. The quality and integrity of the processes ultimately drive our ability to satisfy customer needs and meet regulatory requirements, while achieving and improving customer satisfaction. Entirely voluntary, our investments in quality assurance controls and ongoing oversight are clear indications of our commitment to consistently implementing best practices and continuously improving service.

What all this means for our clients is that across thousands of sites supported by 160 different offices and over 50,000 employees, our security officers, leadership and security services meet the same exacting quality standards.

Quality Management Principles

Globally accepted quality management principles provide the basis for performance improvement and organizational excellence.

Customer focus
We listen to clients and respond with tailor-made security service programs that evolve with client needs.

We have top security company talent leading our teams, from empowered on-site personnel to immediately accessible branch and regional management.

Involvement of people
We employ invested, career-track security professionals who are recognized and rewarded for their contributions.

Process approach
We have proprietary technology providing quality checks and balances on our service delivery processes, from security officer selection and training to client communications and on-site performance management.

System approach to management
We manage security services operations with systematic processes driven by patented technology for personnel selection, security officer training, performance management and client communications.

Continual improvement
We use one-of-a-kind technology that compels managers to review performance with clients on schedule and follow through on improvement commitments without fail.

Factual approach to decision-making
We put the data that drives security service decision-making and accountability at the fingertips of our clients and operations managers 24/7, with fully integrated information systems.

Mutually beneficial supplier relationships
We provide support for client diversity initiatives and deliver the advantages of economies of scale through supplier relationships developed over decades.

Quality Management Translates to Client Retention

We attribute the strength and length of our client relationships in large part to our quality assurance system and the proprietary technology that drives it. USA's client retention rate consistently exceeds 90 percent, and our average client relationship is 10 years.

"I enjoy the entire package of customer service/support, timeliness, follow through, billing, teamwork. Only wish I had USA as a provider many years ago." 

— Mark Saragian 
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