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Vacation Safety

Vacations are meant to be relaxing and stress free, but that state of nirvana can be disrupted if you fall victim to a crime. To help ensure a worry free getaway, we have complied some helpful preventative tips and strategies to keep you safe while you are away.

Before You Go:

  • Clean out your wallet. Only take what is essential.
  • Make copies of your passport and ID, keep one set of copies separate from your original and give another set to a relative. This way, if your information is stolen, you’ll have backup.  
  • Pack lightly. The less you have the less appealing you are to thieves. 
  • Leave your jewelry at home. Expensive items such as watches, jewelry, or purses will only make you a target.
  • Keep your essential items close to your person and, if flying, carry them onto the plane with you.
  • Always lock your car and hide valuables from sight –under the seats, in the glove box or locked in the trunk.
  • Communicate your itinerary to friends and family, let them know where you are going and when you will be back.
  • If you are driving to your destination make sure your car is in top condition and is stocked for emergencies. Break downs put you at the mercy of strangers.

While You’re Away

  • To give the impression someone is home while you travel, leave some lights on at your house but use a timer so you don’t run up your electric bill and you have some variety.
  • Don’t leave your spare key behind for thieves to find.
  • Before you leave, make one last check of your home to make sure your windows and doors are locked. If you have an alarm service, let them know you will be away traveling.
  • Enlist a neighbor or family to keep an eye on your house.  
  • Stop your mail and paper service. Piled up papers and a dark house let thieves know you are not around.
  • Put tools away—ladders, rakes and even patio furniture can be used to gain access into your home and could be stolen.

When You’re the Tourist

  • Learn the lay of the land before you go out sight-seeing. 
  • Don’t keep your cash, credit cards and all your identification on your person. Separate it so in the event you are robbed you won’t be left empty handed.
  • Carry your belongings close to you and keep your wallet in a secure place, close to your body. Wear a cross body shoulder bag instead of a handheld bag which could be easily snatched before you can even react.
  • Choose routes that are well-lit and populated.
  • Conduct a safety check of your hotel and identify the emergency exits.
  • Always lock your doors and use a chain or bolt if possible. If there is a knock at your door, check to see who it is before you open it, never assume it’s someone you know.
  • Use your room safe if there is one and be sure to safeguard any belongings you leave in your room.
  • Be careful about your social media updates. Don’t advertise so readily that you are away. Post your awesome vacation pictures after you return home.


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