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Suspicious Packages Safety

In recent years, terrorists have shocked the public by planting or mailing packages containing explosives and biochemical weapons, to be unleashed on unsuspecting victims. Protect yourself and others from devastating damage by knowing how to identify, report, and react to suspicious packages.  

Identify Suspicious Package or Envelope

  • Be wary of unattended boxes or packages left in a public area. Look for objects out of place, such as a backpack left unattended on a train, or an unopened package left on a street in an area with heavy pedestrian traffic. Report your observations to security services or law enforcement.
  • Carefully examine any unexpected letter or package that arrives in the mail.  Dangerous deliveries are often characterized by the following:
    • Lack of a return address
    • Excessive postage
    • Labels such as "confidential"
    • Foreign labeling
    • Heavy, excessive tape and/or packaging
    • Incorrect titles or misspelled words, suggesting the sender is not a trusted contact

Report Unsafe Packages

  • Immediately notify the nearest security officer or contact law enforcement if you notice a suspicious package in a public space. Swift action could prevent a dangerous situation from escalating to a harmful one.
  • Take the following actions if you receive a questionable package in the mail:
    • Do not panic
    • Handle as little as possible and with extreme caution
    • Do not smell or touch the package or envelope
    • Contact security services personnel or law enforcement immediately
    • Stay clear of the object and isolate it from others

Exercise Caution

  • Remember that killers and terrorists can use poisons or infectious diseases to attack their victims in addition to explosives. Avoid touching or inhaling unfamiliar packaged substances, and wash your hands and any other exposed skin thoroughly if you do.
  • Record names and information of all who may have come into contact with a hazardous package.
  • Evacuate the area once an alert is issued for an unsafe package, and alert all others nearby.
  • Be wary of your surroundings and suspicious individuals as well as suspicious packages—identifying the culprit is vital to preventing further damage to people and property.

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