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Stalker Awareness and Safety

It can be easy to down play and want to ignore an uncomfortable situation or encounter, but stalking is a serious crime that should be dealt with immediately upon recognizing an issue. It is important to be prepared if you experience a stalker of your own, as there is serious danger involved with this crime. Below are several steps you can take to effectively deal with a stalker and protect yourself:

Do Not Engage:

  • Ignore the stalker. Stalker’s feed off of attention from their victims. Responding to calls, emails or engaging in even light conversation will only encourage their behavior.
  • Recognize and communicate the issue. Tell your family and friends of the issue and the person. It is important not to try and fix this problem alone.
  • Contact the police if you feel your wellbeing is being threatened by the stalker’s actions. Stalking is a punishable crime in all 50 states.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

  • If children are involved, inform the principal of their school of the issue and have the school contact you before allowing your children to leave with anyone.
  • Always keep a phone with or near you. If the stalker has your phone number, get a new cell phone and distribute only to family and friends.
  • Stay in public places when out of the house. If possible, travel with someone else. This can help to deter the stalker’s behavior.
  • Vary your routine.  Make changes to your schedule so it is less predictable and makes it harder for the stalker to follow you.
  • Keep all doors locked at all times. Only answer the door if you know who it is.
  • Contact any company who may have your personal information such as a home address or phone number and have them put a password on your information. This will ensure that the stalker does not get your information from one of them.
  • When in the car, keep the doors locked.  Be alert to make sure no one is following you before, during, and after you drive your car.

Keep a Record

  • Keep proof of all forms of contact the stalker tries to make with you. This can be used as evidence to build a stalking case against the person.
  • File for a restraining order on the stalker if the problem continues to persist or the stalker’s behavior escalates in aggressiveness.

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