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Tips for Improving Safety in Gated Communities

Certainly, gated residential communities offer more security than traditional subdivisions. Permit-only access, roving security guards and home alarm systems simply make it more difficult for the bad guys to make mischief and leave unnoticed. Nevertheless, security issues exist and they are very real. If not already in place, your community’s operating board should develop a security program that includes these features.

How to Develop a Gated Community Security Program:

Develop an overall plan

  • Appoint a security program subcommittee • Understand that each community has unique risk factors — there is no “one plan fits all” formula
  • The program must be a combination of people, security devices and systems, policies and procedures, and a security awareness program
  • The program should be acceptable to the majority of residents
  • Identify and evaluate the risks the community faces: crime rate within and surrounding the community, traffic patterns and access, potential costs and liabilities associated with disregarding these issues
  • Maintaining the perimeter/access and patrolling is the community’s governing body’s responsibility; residents are responsible for protecting their own property

Plan components and implementation

  • Ideally, the property should be fenced off in an attractive manner but recognize that it will not be a complete deterrent to trespassing
  • In addition, there should be a manned entry point. It’s too easy to gain access with key pads, fiber optics or remotely operated gates.
  • Hire only a qualified, highly reputable contract security service provider. Since the governing board is ultimately responsible for your community’s security, vet this service very carefully.
  • To minimize liability, the security service contractor should provide:
    • Guaranteed background screening
    • Fail-safe employee accountability
    • Ongoing training
    • Regular board updates
    • Error-free payroll processing
    • ISO 9001:2008 certification
    • Financial stability
  • Make sure residents understand that their alarm systems are more notification than protection. Locked doors, closed garage doors and keeping valuables out of sight are still the best deterrents.
  • Maintain excellent records of incidents, contracts, actions and strategies taken to minimize risk

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