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Prescription Drug Safety

Prescription drugs are the second-most abused substance in the United States. Drug abuse accounts for more deaths per year than both car crashes and firearms. By checking your dosage and safeguarding your medications, you can avoid contributing to the problem. Follow these guidelines to make sure that you and your family members properly use, protect, and dispose of prescription medications.

Medicate with Care

  • Read the medication label before using any drug, and follow the instructions of your doctor or pharmacist to the letter to avoid misuse and bodily harm.
  • Make sure you store drugs in original containers, so that you can refer back to the usage instructions.
  • Store all drugs in a cool, dry location. Heat and humidity from your shower could dangerously alter a medication’s chemical makeup.

Protect Your Prescriptions

  • Keep medications out of the reach of younger children, and educate older children about proper medication usage.
  • If any of your prescription medications have a high potential for abuse, take precautions to ensure they don't fall into the wrong hands.
  • Never share prescription medication. Drugs that have been approved for one person’s specific condition could have a lethal effect on someone else.

Dispose of Your Unused Medicine Safely

  • Pay attention to the disposal instructions on your medication’s label. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) works with drug manufacturers to develop strategies for proper disposal of each drug. Some prescription drugs, medical patches and applicators carry warnings to flush unused medicine down the toilet or sink, as even one dose could be fatal to someone other than the person for whom it was prescribed.
  • Remove unused pills from original containers and mix them with a repulsive substance, like used kitty litter or rotten food. Repellant substances are a powerful deterrent to children or drug scavengers who might otherwise take drugs found in your garbage.
  • Seal leftover liquid medication in an empty jar or secure bag to prevent leaks.
  • Take your used syringes or medical sharps to an approved disposal site, such as a doctor’s office, pharmacy, fire station, or local health department facility. Needles and sharps can also be delivered through a safe mail-back program, exchanged through an approved syringe exchange program, or destroyed with a specialized at-home device.

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