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Finding Family and Friends after Disaster Strikes

In the confusion and chaos surrounding sudden disasters like storms, wildfires, or terrorist acts, there is little more nerve-wracking than separation from family and friends. Whether you are apart when disaster strikes or suddenly separated during the event, the stress and uncertainty can be short-lived if you have a strong preparedness plan in place. Study these tips with your loved ones so that you can connect quickly and safely after a catastrophe.

Before the Event

Preparation and peace-of-mind go hand in hand. Make sure your household has a reconnection plan so anxiety and disorientation do not prolong your separation.

  • Equip each family member with a cell phone or pay-as-you-go device with SMS capability, if possible. In the wake of a disaster, text messages often travel when phone calls do not.
  • Agree on an in-town meeting place with your family, and have children and teens memorize routes to get there. Make sure younger children know the exact name of the meeting place (i.e. Richland Elementary School, First Baptist Church of Rockwell).
  • Designate an out-of-town friend or relative as the family emergency contact. Make sure that each family member knows how to contact this person, either by cell phone or pay phone.
  • Be prepared to provide identifying information about your loved ones. Descriptions of distinctive features or medical conditions may be helpful in the event of separation.
  • List family members in your phone as "In Case of Emergency" contacts. Emergency response personnel will often contact these individuals if you are injured or incapacitated.
  • Sign up for alerts from relief organizations, government agencies, and security service providers.

After the Event

Once you are in a safe place, calmly contact your loved ones. Emergency resources and aid groups can help you reunite when traditional communication falls through.

  • Choose text messages or e-mail when possible; these messages bypass communication blockages, transmit more quickly, and help keep phone lines clear for emergency responders. Focus on short messages that convey vital information such as "I'm alive" or "I am safe."
  • Seek out emergency workers, law enforcement personnel, or security officers. These individuals have access to critical networks and resources to help you find your loved ones.
  • Register yourself as "Safe and Well" with the American Red Cross as soon as possible after displacement. Family members using the organization's "Safe and Well" database can search for your name and list theirs as well.
  • Reach out to organizations like Contact Loved Ones, the National Emergency Family Registry and Locator System, or the Next of Kin Registry for help locating missing loved ones. Track down animals through the Missing Pet Network.
  • If you are a foster family or caregiver, contact your family's social worker as soon as possible after a disaster.

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