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Advantages of Contract Security on Campus

If you are relying solely on a campus law enforcement department and are having challenges with unreliable and inconsistent staffing, or an approach to security that may be perceived as too militaristic, consider the advantages of an experienced contract security provider to augment or manage your current program.

Contract security providers are capable of filling the gap between public safety and security and budgetary considerations. The following tips will assist in your quest to select a security provider that seamlessly integrates with your campus culture while still providing effective security for your students, families, and staff.

What a Contract Security Provider Can Do for You

A security service company can deliver a positive return on investment in the campus security program. Most customers find that the benefits of contracting security services outweigh the cost. A qualified contract security provider has experience in the industry, is knowledgeable in best practices, and takes the management and human resources burden off campus administration. A contract security provider can save you time and money by centralizing a variety of functions under one program. Contract security service companies can perform a broad range of services:

  • Devise plans to reduce security costs
  • Develop risk/threat assessments and proactive programs
  • Develop comprehensive strategies and plans to address potential areas of exposure
  • Supplement internal police and security system
  • Reduce campus violence and fear of violence
  • Supervise student population with fewer university personnel
  • Eliminate staffing issues such as absenteeism
  • Reduce personnel costs
  • Escort/transport students to/from campus facilities
  • Improve public perception of campus safety, thereby improving student enrollment
  • Reduce university costs by preventing crime
  • Increase parent confidence in campus safety
  • Provide security at sporting events, concerts, theatrical performances, graduations, etc.
  • Provide security for confidential research and development

What to Look for in a Security Contractor

  • Experience providing security to colleges and universities
  • A team of armed security personnel available for emergencies, such as natural disaster, workplace violence, or active shooter situations
  • A local infrastructure that allows for recruiting and management in the area where the institution is located
  • Guaranteed background checks
  • References from similar institutions
  • Quality management practices throughout its operations 
    (ISO 9001:2008)
  • Appropriate training for security officers
  • A fair wage and benefit system to attract high-caliber officers
  • A reporting/evaluation system so the client has input into performance
  • Transparency and accountability throughout the reporting system
  • Customized solutions
  • A proprietary vehicle fleet
  • Threat assessment capabilities
  • The ability to support the institution's compliance with the Clery Act

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U.S. Security Associates brings to its educational institution clients an integrated approach to security that provides a range of services and a proven level of reliability to meet their diverse and specific needs.

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