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Crisis Response:
Is Your Organization Prepared?

It isn’t enough to just have a plan B. With the evolving threats facing our modern world and touching the familiar corners of our lives, the concern has shifted from if a catastrophic event will happen to when it will happen. We now have to account for the reality of the unimaginable and the improbable actually occurring. Not only do you need a “Plan B”, but also contingencies for X, Y, and Z, and even Q.

Below is our checklist to gauge your organization’s preparedness for a crisis event.

Crisis Checklist: Is your organization prepared for the following threats?  

  • Natural Hazards
  • Terrorism
  • Workplace Violence
  • Power Outages
  • Fire
  • Explosions
  • Chemical Release
  • Cyber Security Threats and Data Breaches
  • Litigation
  • Negative PR, Unsolicited Media Attention or Scandal

Crisis Planning: Things you assume will always be there may not always be there. What is your organization’s plan to deal with the following scenarios?

  • A complete loss of power with no estimate for restoration. Could be an hour, could be a day, could be several days
  • No way to communicate—the internet is down, phones are down, cell service is suspended
  • Emergency loans are not available and there is no immediate cash flow
  • Travel is compromised -air travel, the subway, or the highway is shut down
  • Your shelter-in-place extends beyond a few hours, food and water sources are running low and there is no plumbing or electricity
  • Your people are critically injured and emergency responders are unable to reach you

Not having a plan for contingencies is a dangerous weakness in any organization’s infrastructure. Developing and having in place a sound Crisis Management & Communication Program not only makes people safe, it can provide them with a feeling of safety. For business resilience, it is critical for organizations to have not only a Crisis Management Plan in place, but also create Emergency Response Plans and Business Continuity Plans for a complete suite of protection against extraordinary contingencies. Establishing a holistic security program prepares you and your organization to respond, not just react, to the chaos of a crisis.

Know where your vulnerabilities lie and put a Crisis Management Program in place before you’re caught in the chaos of an emergency situation and don’t know what to do.

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