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Consider Contract Security

There are many variables involved in running a successful business, but safety on your premises should be a constant. Partnering with a trusted contract security services provider is often the best strategy for maintaining consistent, effective safety and security without diverting time and resources from your primary business. Companies in myriad industries reduce risks, improve productivity and streamline costs through implementation of contract security service programs.

Security, Safety and Risk Management Benefits

  • The presence of uniformed security deters loitering, vandalism, theft, and other criminal behavior.
  • Trained contract security professionals not only safeguard people, property, and assets but also help limit potential liability.
  • Contract security services professionals are experienced at recognizing security vulnerabilities and recommending the optimum deployment of security officers and technology.
  • Contract security service professionals help structure security operations in compliance with current industry best practices and trends.
  • Contract security teams support organizational safety goals and compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Valuable Capabilities and Expertise

  • Contract security officers are trained as first responders in the event of medical crisis, natural disaster, active shooter and other emergency situations. They protect life and property, coordinate with authorities, and support your crisis management and business continuity plans.
  • Contract security officers perform many value-added services in addition to traditional security functions.
  • Contract security officers have customer service skills that are an asset in any workplace.

Management and Administration Advantages

  • Experienced security professionals manage and staff your security operation, freeing your employees to focus on your business.
  • Contract security companies provide short-notice staffing for special events as well as back-up staffing when a regularly scheduled officer is unavailable.
  • Some contract security companies offer consulting and investigations and specialized services to support diverse security and risk management needs.

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