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Commuting Safety

In a crowded city, the hustle and bustle of countless commuters, tourists, and residents can be energizing and exciting — and dangerous. Crowded public transportation and congested city streets put commuters at risk of accidents and crime. Use vigilance, caution and these commuting tips to get to your destination safely — navigating the rest of your day is up to you!

Subway Safety

  • Stand back from the edge of the platform in subway and train stations. Keep children close to you and don't allow them near platform edges. Be aware of approaching trains and pay attention to all warning signs. Never attempt to retrieve an item dropped on the track — notify the nearest security officer.
  • Give priority seating to elderly or disabled riders. If standing, always hold on to handrails or handles while the train is in motion.
  • Don't transport large or dangerous objects via public transport. Never leave your belongings unattended or with a stranger.
  • Use headphones while on the phone. Many "grab and go" cell phone thefts occur in buses and trains. Hold your phone securely and be cognizant of the passengers around you.
  • Report suspicious activity to transit security services as soon as possible.

Bus Safety

  • Wait for the bus on the curb, out of the way of traffic. Make sure the bus comes to a complete stop before approaching it.
  • Allow departing passengers to exit the bus before you enter. Watch your step as you board.
  • Avoid leaning on doors or windows inside the bus, and stand clear of opening and closing doors.
  • Pay attention to the bus route and prepare to exit quickly when the bus is approaching your stop. When convenient, use the rear doors to reduce crowding at the front door of the bus.
  • Don't chase after or attempt to stop a bus if you miss it — waiting for the next one keeps everyone safe.

Bike Safety

  • Always wear a safety helmet and bright colors while biking through the city. Stay on sidewalks and do not ride indoors or in subway stations. Be careful when crossing the street, and only cross at designated crosswalks.
  • If you use the bike rack on a bus, make sure to stay in full view of the bus driver while loading your bike, and ensure that your bicycle is firmly secured to the bike rack.
  • When securing your bike to a rack, make sure the lock is wrapped around the front and back wheels as well as the frame, and ensure that the lock is securely fastened.
  • Register your bike with the National Bike Registry to improve your chances of recovering it if stolen.

Pedestrian Safety

  • Stay vigilant while walking on sidewalks. Follow traffic signs and wait for walking indicators before crossing the street. Always look both ways before you cross.
  • Watch for cyclists, cars, and buses while walking in metropolitan areas, and exercise caution as lights change, in case a vehicle tries to beat the light.
  • Always use your indicators before turning in areas with many pedestrians, and remember that pedestrians always have the right of way, so be prepared to yield.
  • Although pedestrians always have the right of way, right of way does not keep you safe. As you approach intersections, avoid dangerous surprises by paying attention to turn signals, acceleration, braking and other indicators of the intentions of a driver or cyclist.

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