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Anger Management in the Workplace

Sooner or later, you are likely to find yourself in a situation at work where your patience is tested. You don’t get the raise or promotion you deserved. A colleague takes credit for your work. You miss an important deadline because a coworker dropped the ball. Your lunch disappeared from the break room refrigerator.  

Anger management is an essential life skill, and it is especially important in the workplace. Use these tips to control your temper in the heat of the moment and maintain your professionalism.

Keeping Your Cool

  • Identify the cause of anger.  Focus on what triggered your anger. How important is it in the big picture?
  • Concentrate on calming yourself down.  This is crucial. You don’t want to say or do anything out of anger that you will regret later. Many people find that taking deep breaths can help them relax.  Counting to 100, stretching, or going for a run are other effective ways to relieve stress and cool off.
  • Avoid further conflict. Try to be the bigger person. Resist the temptation to engage in a confrontation or argument that could further escalate the conflict. Sometimes the best choice is simply to walk away.
  • Consider other points of view.  If you are angry over something someone has done or said, try to see the other person’s perspective.  Making an effort to understand the other person’s feelings may help to diffuse your anger.
  • Vent your frustrations – but not on your coworkers.  Venting is a healthy way to release anger harmlessly.  Talk to a trusted friend, family member, or counselor who is willing to listen and serve as a sounding board. Just expressing your feelings can help to resolve some of your anger.

If you follow these tips and still find yourself struggling to manage anger, consider seeking additional help. There are many resources available, from online anger management training to local support groups to classes sponsored by local clubs or public service agencies. You may prefer direct, one-on-one support from a professional counselor. Whatever it takes, make learning how to get your anger under control one of your professional and personal goals.

How to Talk to Someone When You Are Angry

  • Body language is important – present yourself as relaxed
  • Use a calm voice
  • Be direct and specific about what’s bothering you
  • Ask, do not demand
  • Firmly make your point, then give it a rest

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