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USA Security Officer Helps Gunshot Victim

ATLANTA – July 20, 2015 – Security officers are often first on the scene in life-or-death situations where fast reflexes, good judgment, and training recall are critical. Security Officer Ricky Cross recently faced just such a crisis when shots were fired near the Wilmington, Delaware community center where he works. Officer Cross knew exactly what to do, thanks to his employer, U.S. Security Associates (USA) – a security company that regularly wins awards and recognition for security officer training.

Officer Cross was on duty at the William “Hicks” Anderson Community Center when gunfire erupted nearby. Amidst the sounds of gunshots and screaming, a woman with a visible head injury came running towards the community center. Officer Cross immediately came to her rescue. After examining her injury and seeing that her head appeared to have been grazed by a bullet, Officer Cross promptly administered First Aid and reported the emergency. He stayed with the victim, applying pressure on her wound until emergency responders arrived and took over. The victim was flown to Christiana Hospital and later reported to be in stable condition. U.S. Security Associates has awarded Officer Cross a Certificate of Distinguished Service for his actions. Operations Manager Thomas Beckson praises the security officer as “a credit to branch 556 and U.S. Security Associates.”

Officer Cross is one of approximately two million security professionals working in operational security in the U.S. Security officers are on the front lines of defense at everything from the nation’s top terrorist targets to educational institutions, shopping malls, government facilities, industrial and commercial properties, and on the streets in many urban Business Improvement Districts. Every day, these officers respond to medical emergencies, fires, natural disasters, bomb threats, violence, and other situations that call for special skills and poise under pressure. Yet, there is a lack of consistent training or screening requirements for security personnel at a federal or state level.

A recent report compiled by the Center for Investigative Reporting reveals dramatic differences in requirements from state to state. 10 states require from 50 to 70 hours of security officer training, while 14 states require no training at all. Remaining states fall somewhere in the middle. Some states require basic training but no firearms training for armed officers, while others require firearms training but no basic training. There are also significant differences in screening requirements from state to state with respect to criminal background checks, law enforcement record checks, psychological exams, and other indicators of suitability for security work.

As a 10-year employee of USA, Officer Cross was well-prepared when an emergency arose on his watch. To qualify for USA employment, candidates must successfully pass extensive background checks, drug testing, and basic training through USA Security Academy or state-mandated schools. All officers participate in on-the-job training and in-service training throughout their careers. USA’s commitment to rigorous standards has been recognized with more than a dozen training and development and talent management awards.

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